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Building Customer Trust

How to Gain The Customer’s Trust In Your ECommerce Site

The expansion of internet at a fast rate has transformed the face of shopping. This expansion of internet transformed normal shopping to online shopping and the pace of this online shopping is getting faster day-by-day. Online shopping has brought everything from a pen to pin to the user’s figure tips.

But many people are still aren’t willing to take risks because of the increasing scams and cyber fraud during online shopping. Many upcoming companies have lost their business due to this notion. So, if you are aiming at creating a successful e-commerce website, you should also aim at gaining your customer’s trust. But how can you gain their trust? What are the tactics that will make users trust your website? You don’t need to look anywhere else, here are the answers.

Building Customer Trust

Maintain an aesthetic appearance of your website

Maintaining an aesthetic appearance of your website can establish a friendly feeling in your user’s mind. It is fairly logical – if you see two restaurants one with a broken window and unusual odor and other with vivid lightings and tidy look; which restaurant would you choose for dinner? Of course, you will choose the one with tidy aesthetic, irrespective of what you are served. The same goes for a website, a website with expressive design will build a trust in your user’s mind about your website while a website with the poor design would not get any user.

Only share true information

Keep any written content on the website (product review, contact information, delivery and return policy) true and clear.

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It is frustrating for the user if they are not able to contact the website authority when they need it the most. So, share the correct contact information on your website. According to a survey, 90% of the users were unsure and anxious to shop from a new or unknown website. Contact info will indicate the user that there is a real person sitting on the other end who can be called for help.

You can add the best product and give a promising description, but how can the user take your word for it? The answer to that question is providing reviews. Providing review will give the user enough proof to trust the product that you are selling.

Delivery and return information is as important as contact information and product review. It is important that you don’t hide this info where the user can’t see. This can affect your credibility and the user becomes suspicious about your website and in the worst case scenario the user might leave without shopping.

Trust badges and transaction security

Any user will make sure that the website that they are visiting is secure for browsing. A survey conducted by Actual Insight showed that 61% of user canceled their purchase because they didn’t see any trust badges on the website. Showing security certificate on the website lets the user know that this website is secure to browse. A security certificate like SSL certificate will certify that the customer is secure from network eavesdropping.

Money transaction is the most important part of online shopping. And the user wouldn’t trust you if you don’t have a tie-up with a trusted payment gateway. Nevertheless, this problem won’t arise if you associate with reputable payment gateways (like Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal). Not only they will trust your website but also will become your regular customer.

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Social media presence

Social media presence of any brand is a really important factor to make the user trust you. You can show off the product reviews of your users as well as statistics about your product sale, which will convince new customers that you can be trusted. A survey conducted in 2014 showed that for 55% of customers reviews are an important factor for deciding whether to buy a product or not and 85% customers at least read 10 reviews about a product before buying it.


It is important to maintain a quality of the website during the e-commerce web development so that your website can have an increase in the user retention rate. If you follow the tips mentioned above you can build a trust in your customer’s mind for your website.

Building Customer Trust

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