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Building a Cab Booking App

Some Suggestions for your Cab Booking App Business Startup

Ever since the beginning of time, we come across the word “revolution”. There have been different types of revolutions in the various fields. Today we are living in the era of mobile revolution. This revolution is working towards creating a better delivery in the service industry. One such service industry, the taxi industry has seen a phenomenal change within the last decade such that we do not see people thumbing for rides by the roadside. Users now download the taxi app straight into their mobile and use it to search for, summon a taxi and pay for it too using cashless technology.

Building a Cab Booking App

How the cab booking app works

Before the launch of Uber, the taxi businesses were in chaos. It was a mission to book a taxi, let alone get one at the time of your choice. With the launch of Uber, the taxi booking process not only became quicker, it became efficient too. Now, whenever you need a taxi, all you need to do is log onto to the app on your smartphone, and almost instantaneously you will be given a choice of taxis to take your pick and you get a cab at the time you want it.

If you are thinking of being the next Uber, then you need to ensure that your taxi app has certain features to make it the best in the business. Let us take a peek into some of the features that will make your app stand out in the market, just like Uber.

  • A Perfectly synchronized Duo – The passengers and the drivers are the two entities that manage the whole taxi booking business. It is therefore imperative that you have a passenger app and a driver app so that the two entities in question can manage their activities.
  • A User-Friendly Admin Dashboard – For easy management of the system it is important to have a user-friendly and easy to understand admin dashboard. This is the heart of the business and it is therefore important that it has the best features for maximizing
  • Integration of Google Maps – This is a feature that is important for both the passengers and the drivers. It helps identify the pickup and drop off location.
  • A Referral System – Referrals are a good way of maximizing your business links. Drivers and passengers can assign links to friends and colleagues to use the taxi app by a certain deadline at a discounted price. These friends and family will, of course, download the app to take advantage of the discounted ride.
  • A Smooth Payment System – A Paypal Payment Gateway must be integrated into the app for a smooth and easy payment procedure.
  • Fare Estimation – The rider gets a fare estimate before he books the taxi. This way he is aware of what the ride will cost and choose the ride within his budget.
  • Taxi/Vehicle Details – Riders have the facility to choose the type of car they want to ride in. Depending on the number of passengers and budget, riders can choose a car that is best suited for their purpose.
  • Details of the Driver – To enable a quick and smooth taxi booking, riders have access to the driver’s profile which they can look at before booking his services. This way the rider can pick the driver that he thinks is most suited to drive him.
  • Push Notifications – Without notifications, users will not be able to know what is happening and it is therefore important that regular updates are sent to the users. Notifications are a must for any mobile app.
  • Reviews/Ratings – People always look for ratings and reviews given by previous clients before using or buying any product or facility. The same applies to the taxi business. Drivers are given ratings and reviews by the riders who used their services. The same advantage is given to drivers too who have the facility to rate and review their passenger.
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Now that you have an idea of what is required of your cab booking app, it is now time to look for a developer who will give you exactly what you want for your taxi business. There are many developers who are in this field but you have to be careful and be wise enough to identify the genuine ones from the scammers. Make sure you do your homework well before deciding who will get your custom.

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Building a Cab Booking App

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