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Business owners and experts usually complain about the lack of time to maintain their social media accounts. While some hope to outsource this job, others do not feel relaxed letting somebody else do this work.

There is the best news for you for those who still need to have a hand in sharing their experiences and updating their different social media sites. Now you don’t need to be hands-on renewing your Facebook, Twitter, and all your other accounts because you can get help from a new form.

This latest app is called the Buffer app. It lists the content you would like to share according to the time you need them to go out on the various sites. The app said they aim to simplify life for people and help them make a genuine and honest look on social media.

What is Buffer?

The Buffer app is free to use, but those who would like to handle more than three social media accounts require updating a paid plan. The free program lets in 10 posts in a day and can provide your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. It also offers free browser expansions and mobile apps.

What makes it distinctive from its opponents is that Buffer can give out updates at predetermined times, even without you picking the day’s precise times. But as a user, you are free to modify the times that suit you.

By using this new and effective tool, people can better involve themselves in social media. While the app posts the upgrades, business owners can emphasize the communication factor by responding to remarks or posting their future events’ features. In short, you can hang out at any social media site you need without bothering about your state updates and posts you had like to share with friends.

How to Use Buffer

It is simple to use Buffer. There is no need to record because you can sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn login details.

  1. Once logged in, the dashboard is the first page you will see. The first time you log in, a new post is firstly presented for you. After that, you can choose to post it, add it (Add to Buffer) or replace it.
  2. On the dashboard page, you can also write in your post and put it in your queue. You can add a picture and link as well.
  3. If you need to change the terms of your post, go to Settings. You can also use the Tweak my schedule button on top of the box to release your updates.
  4. On the settings page, set the time of your post on the right section. Once you are done, press the Add the time button.
  5. To add more social media apps, press Connect Account on the bottom left of the Settings page.
  6. A new box will then point where you can click on the social media site you had like to join.
  7. Now, you are all set to share updates on different social media sites and join more with your target viewers.

Free Features of Buffer App

Buffer app lets users list posts sent through the form to the user’s social media accounts. This feature can record and send posts to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest. There are many default time cuts based on when social media users are most effective online. However, Buffer lets its users mend or exclude the default time slots if they want to do so. The free version of the application allows the highest limit of 10 posts to be listed at any given time. However, it only lets control of one social media account per social media website. Buffer also includes traits that give users post ideas and provide data on the number of clicks, retweets, likes, favorites, mentions, and potential views; each post has based on the number of feeds that a single feed would display upon.

The Buffer app is fit with three distinct platforms:

  • Browser: lets the application run as downloaded extensions for three browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Mobile: lets the application be installed on iOS software and Android phones.
  • Newsreader: permits the application to be combined with different newsreader applications, such as Flipboard and Site.


Therefore, it was about the buffer app that helps you run distinct social applications and manage them. Moreover, it provides you the best quality features to keep your social apps well maintained. If you desire to study more about the buffer app, visit our website. 

Buffer Social Media Manager App

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