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Brand Marketing for Cannabis

by Kevin Young

For a business venture to grow, brand marketing is essential. As a business owner, it promotes your products or services in a way that highlights the band as a whole. It tells the story of your product or service by emphasizing your whole brand

Many people believe that brand marketing involves plastering your company’s name and logo at different locations and hoping for people to view it. Although this is true, many entrepreneurs have maximized online resources like Logo Creator to help them create stunning logos. Brand marketing is more about the reputation and recognition of your company. This article will be looking at brand marketing and how you can successfully market your brand as a business owner. 

Brand marketing uses a particular approach to creating a brand name and design, performing marketing activities, and establishing clear creative communications to make the product stand out. As a business owner, the goal of brand marketing is to link your values, identity, and personality with communications with your target audience. A company brand can be said to be a feeling. So, it is essential to connect with your customers on an emotional level when marketing your brand.

There are major brands in the world that have succeeded enormously because they marketed their brands best. Examples of these brands are McDonald’s, Apple, and Nike. These brands had a strategy that they fully implemented to get to where they are today. The marketing strategy for the Apple brand was to create a movement. Nike’s strategy for marketing its brand was not just to sell products but to sell a story. The brand marketing strategy for McDonald’s was to remain consistent with its brand identity and product.

What are the steps involved in Brand Marketing?

Large companies like Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike followed some steps to market their brand effectively. But brand marketing is not only reserved for large companies alone. As a small entrepreneur, there are also steps you can follow to market your brand successfully, and they are discussed below:

  • Research your target market.

As a business owner, you should fully know and understand your customers. You can understand your customers by creating a customer persona. It gives a clear picture of your perfect customer. It also helps in creating an emotional connection with your customers. 

  • Sell and Define your story.

It is important to sell your brand story to your audience. You can do this by crafting an enticing message. Your message must be engaging and possess all the novel elements (the characters, a conflict, and a resolution). It does not mean the story should be dramatic, but it should capture your target audience’s attention. Your audience should also be a part of your story by interacting with your brand.

  • Know your competitors.

As a business owner, it is important to know your competitors by organizing research. With this research, you can understand how you are different from them. Then, focus on this difference and use it in your marketing.

  • Create guidelines for your brand.

Think about how you can connect with your target audience in your marketing. This is where you create brand guidelines covering your brand color, logo, fonts, voice tone, and so on. This helps in connecting your brand’s story with any marketer you work with. It also ensures brand consistency.


As a business owner, you cannot overemphasize the importance of brand marketing. So. It is advisable to market your brand in the early stages of your business so that customers will appreciate it in the long run. Implementing these steps involved in brand marketing creates a sustainable, effective, and memorable brand image.

Brand Marketing for Cannabis

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