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Brand ManageCamp – We understand that Brand Marketing is more than just Advertising and Media. Don’t get us wrong – we cover those. But this marketing conference covers a wide range of topics, including Strategy, Advertising, Content, Insights, Customer Behavior, Leadership, Creativity, and more.  Virtual; May 18-20, 2021

ManageCamp Inc. is dedicated to helping companies big and small create and grow strong, vibrant, profitable brands through Fresh Thinking. We accomplish this by delivering world-class learning experiences through top marketing conferences and providing brand and strategy consulting services.

ManageCamp events range from large-scale public conferences (Brand ManageCamp) to private custom-crafted corporate conferences, meetings, and seminars (Event Solutions). Every experience is expertly designed and flawlessly executed to deliver on three distinctly interwoven promises to:

Inspire: Through experience and example, our events will inspire attendees to chase the possibilities of what could be. Whether the goals be professional or personal, we will instill the belief that what was once thought unattainable is now within reach – and we will fan the flame that is the desire to reach for it. Our goal is to help your brands achieve their maximum potential, whether it be through our top marketing conferences or custom events.

Educate: We will deliver actionable insights that attendees can immediately apply to their businesses, their teams, their organizations, and their lives. To educate, we must be deeply informed about our audience and the knowledge base they arrive at. This dedication to customization and respect for existing knowledge will be paramount in everything we do.

Energize: Sitting in a room for extended periods of time absorbing information can be tiring. Therefore, we will strive to manage the energy of our attendees as closely as we manage every other element of an event – an integral ingredient to any top marketing conference. The goal is for attendees to leave a ManageCamp event with MORE energy than when they arrived. This will ensure that they can return to their families and their organizations at their best – not at their most drained.

ManageCamp also provides consulting services in Innovation, Packaging Design, Consumer Research, Marketing Strategy, Advertising Development, Consumer Promotion, Competitive Analysis, and Brand Positioning.

Brand ManageCamp 2021

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