Boost Your Open Rates Through Messaging Apps

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Remedy dwindling email open rates by supplementing your marketing strategy with instant messaging apps.

The customers of 2019 are barraged by notifications all day every day. This presents a challenge to brands who need to find ways to catch the attention of ad-weary consumers. As open rates continue to fall for more traditional communication forms such as email, it’s clear that businesses need to embrace new means of talking to their customers. This infographic from Cadoo shows how instant messaging apps provide a huge opportunity for brands seeking to boost their open rates.

Open Rates for Messaging Apps vs. Email

A 2017 experiment by HubSpot compared the effectiveness of messaging apps and emails as a marketing tool. The results found that the message sent through a messaging app achieved an open rate of 80% versus just 33% for email.

The Problem with Email Marketing

These days, customers’ email inboxes are filled to the brim with newsletters. Many of these are automatically sent to spam, and in the case of Gmail, some are sent to the “Promotional” tab. Customers’ ever-growing feeling of “email fatigue”, means that those few marketing emails that do actually make it to the inbox are more often than not deleted by the user before they are even opened.

Messaging Apps: A Solution to Email Fatigue

Many marketers in 2019 are turning to instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as an alternative way to communicate with customers. In addition to excellent open rates, these platforms are more cost-effective and wide-reaching than email.

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If you are interested in discovering more about how to boost your open rates with messaging apps, then you should take a look at the below infographic guide.

 Boost Your Open Rates Through Messaging Apps

Boost Your Open Rates Through Messaging Apps

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