Boost Your Conversion Rates Using Animated Marketing Video

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In this technological era, every organization wants to build an online presence to escalate their business productivity and revenue. Marketers prefer using various strategies to boost up their business and stand out of the crowd. Some of them use blogs, while others prefer uploading engaging videos to grab the visitors attention and make them stay on the site for a longer time. 

Most of the startups and small organizations face the challenge to scale up their business and increase the conversation rate, while some seem it as an impossible task. If you just landed into the business world and facing similar challenges, then start using Animated Marketing videos. It will help you to attract, engage, and delight the potential customers and elevate the conversions rate. Also, It is evaluated that around 84% of the customers are convinced to avail the services after watching the videos.

If you are thinking about how animated videos can boost up the conversion rate, then need not fret! In this article, you will get to know various reasons why animated marketing videos are used by organizations to upgrade their conversion rate. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons which further lead to better results.  

#1- They Create an Emotional Bond with the Company and Customers

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People get more attracted to the content which is relatable to their personal lives and represented in the form of a story. Around 33% of the people will stop watching the video after 30 seconds if it is not engaging and unable to make an emotional bond. More are the number of visitors; more is the conversion rate. So, if you want to escalate your conversion rate, then you need to focus on building an emotional bond with your viewers.  

The best way to interact and make an emotional bond with the customers is by making impressive Animated Explainer Video. If you make the video like it expresses your thoughts in the form of a story, then it will attract more visitors, which will further elevate the conversion rate. 

I know it becomes a challenging task to decide which story to tell and express in the videos to generate more traffic and build a strong bond. Are you thinking the same? If yes, then need not worry. Firstly, evaluate your target audience and the services you want to provide. Once you create good stories in the videos, then you will be able to make an excellent bond with the customers, which will further increase the conversion rate. After all, 63% of people remember stories, whereas 5% of people remember stats. 

So, make sure you create engaging animated videos to build the confidence of the customers which will further lead to action.

#2- Explains the Information both Verbally and Visually

As per the research, 97% of the marketers think that viewers understand the information about the product or service more quickly by watching videos. It’s True. The videos will make them learn the concept more effectively as it includes both sound and motion. Better is the understanding of the idea; more is the engagement and lesser will be the bounce rate. 

If you become successful in showcasing your services and products to customers via animated videos, then it will automatically increase the conversion rate and ROI. But make sure you keep the animated videos short and concise to escalate the engagement by conveying a clear message to the customers. 

Besides increasing the conversions rate, another advantage of using animated videos is that it can be easily blended with other techniques. So, take full advantage of visual elements to synthesize and communicate with the customers and make them understand the concept quickly. 

#3- Extremely Entertaining and Versatile

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No doubt, animated or explainer videos are the best way to evoke the memories as these are entertaining and versatile. If you add high-quality animated videos on your site, then it will not only help you to get eyeballs of the people but also upgrades the conversion rate of your website.  

In this digitization world, most of the organizations face difficulty to capture email leads, making visitors to fill their forms, escalate the conversion rate optimization. To get over this issue, you can start embedding animated videos on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are approximately 75 million people who visit social sites like Facebook every day. Hence, it increases the chances of promotions and the conversion rates of your landing pages. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start capturing the attention of visitors by uploading entertaining and versatile animated videos on the landing pages of your site.  

#4- Improves SEO

Do you know that the organizations using video marketing approach would be able to account for 82% of the internet traffic by 2020? If you are also looking to increase the click rate on your website and upgrade the sales, then start working to improve your search engine ranking. Because more is the ranking, more will be the conversion rate and better will be your business productivity.

It is also analyzed that people spend 2.6X more time on the pages which include videos instead of blogs. So, why to increase the bounce rate of your site? Make sure you strategize your marketing practices in such a way that it increases the average time spent on web pages.

Most of the SEO experts think that ranking factor is directly linked with the amount of time a web visitor spends on your site. You can achieve the same and would be successful in increasing the organic traffic and conversion rates by having animated marketing videos on your website. 

#5- Win Hearts and Capture More Leads 

Video vs Text - Win Hearts and Capture More Leads 

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Once you capture the leads, you would be able to boost the conversion rate quickly. So, it becomes vital to express what desired action the visitors need to take. If the visitors understand the concept, they will perform the desired task more efficiently.  

The best way to win the hearts of potential customers is by uploading entertaining and engaging videos over the web as most of the people are crazy for watching attractive and informative videos. On an additional note, the addition of videos will further increase the number of purchases as 64% of visitors are more likely to purchase by viewing videos. 

Some of the marketers use live chats, chatbots, etc. to capture more leads and increase the conversion rate. On an exciting note, you can embed an animated marketing video in your content or directly on your site to attract visitors, build trust and increase the conversion rate. So, make sure you have proper knowledge of how to make compelling animated videos that boost the conversion rate of your site. 

Wrapping it Up

Digital marketing plays an essential role to increase business productivity and pull more audience to avail your services. Organizations use various strategies to build trust among the customers, grab visitors attention, promote the brand, boost conversion rate, and upgrade revenue to stand out of the crowd. 

So, if you want to capture more leads and increase the customer’s retention, then, believe me, animated explainer videos will help you to boost the conversion rate of your site and fulfill your business goals.

If you are still unfamiliar with the importance of infographics in digital marketing, make sure you go through these 5 reasons. It will definitely make your mind to increase your sales by adding infographics and good quality videos over the web. Also, if you have more reasons that explain why animated videos boost conversion’s rate, then feel free to share in the comment section below.

Enjoy the wisdom of Animated Marketing Videos!!! 

Boost Your Conversion Rates Using Animated Marketing Video