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Boost Visitor Engagement On Social Media

How To Boost Your Ecommerce Visitor Engagement On Social Media

Social media is known for a lot of things. For many people, it’s known for everything from cat videos to political arguments to connecting with friends. For marketers, though, social media is famous for its ability to grow followers, increase brand awareness, build audience relationships, and more.

A lot of industries consider social media marketing a secondary priority because it doesn’t tie to revenue. But for eCommerce marketers, driving engagement on social media can lead directly to an increase in sales. In addition, specific social media platforms, such as Pinterest, are making it easier than ever for users to buy directly within the platform.

That means that it’s simply not something eCommerce marketers cannot afford to ignore.

There are many ways marketers can drive Ecommerce engagement and, ultimately, sales with social media.

Keep reading for the top ways to drive engagement on your social media channels:

  • Utilize Paid Advertising on Social Media

Unfortunately, much of social media is pay-to-play and organic posts from businesses are typically suppressed in newsfeeds. This is especially true if you don’t already have a large and engaged audience on your social channels. Luckily, advertising on social media is considered by many to be the most effective and most cost-effective method of advertising–traditional or digital. Not only is it targeting more granular on social, but attribution is clearer, and users are typically more engaged on social platforms than they are on traditional or digital channels.

When it comes to driving engagement via social, a few tactics and campaigns are sure to be effective.

How to effectively drive social engagement with paid advertising:

First, try targeting based on your current audience. This can either take the form of targeting those that are similar to your audience or those that are connected to your actual audience.

Whether or not you can use this depends on the social channel. Whether its effectiveness depends on whether your current audience is your ideal audience. Still, if your current audience is engaging, it’s safe to bet that targeting those with similar demographics or ties to your audience will result in high engagement as well.

  • Take Advantage of Videos in Your Advertisements and Your Organic Posts

Video is the rising star on all social channels. It’s well known that video is the preference in news feeds when posted organically. It’s one of the few things that a corporate business page can use to break through the noise and Facebook’s bias. The same is valid for paid media on social media–video will take preference. The plus side is that not only will your videos be prioritized, but engagement also tends to be higher when social advertisements include video.

How to create engaging videos for social:

Before you start thinking that video is too difficult or requires too much production effort, remember that, if you’re like most people, you’re likely carrying a production studio in your pocket. That is–your smartphone. While you should follow standards to ensure your videos are of decent quality, your phone is an excellent, low-investment tool to get started. Plus, tons of free apps will help you edit your videos and make them look professionally made.

  • How to use private messaging to engage your social audience:
    How to use private messaging to engage your social audience:

    Don’t Shy Away From Private Messaging

Almost all major social channels offer an option to communicate individually with your audience. And while it might seem unconventional to utilize private messaging, that may be why it’s effective. It’s similar to email in the fact that it’s one of the few spaces on digital on which you can have an individual conversation with your audience members.

How to use private messaging to engage your social audience:

There are two ways you can do this; you can try the private messaging side of public social channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, or focus on private messaging apps, such as Snapchat. If you’re wondering where to focus your energy, the answer is simple. Focus wherever your audience is.

The key is not to overdo this because your audience will start ignoring you as soon as you do. An introductory message when you become connected and follow-up messages that are, preferably, tied to their behavior or demographics are ideal.


Social media is about more than likes and followers for eCommerce marketers. It’s about driving engagement that leads to sales, revenue, and business results. And while you might struggle to tie any one specific social post to a deal, it never hurts to keep your eye on the prize. That way, you’ll avoid focusing on non-impactful posts and distracting vanity metrics and instead train yourself to look at the bigger picture with social media marketing.

Julie Richardson
Julie Richardson

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Boost Visitor Engagement On Social Media