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Do you write blogs? Or have your website?  Does your blog not get enough traffic or view? Is your goal of writing a blog fulfilled?

Many of you might have underestimated the power of social media to promote your content. Otherwise, you might be underutilizing the social networking sites to spread your word among the people.

For those who thought Instagram was best suited for kids or celebrities, you should read this article till the end because you will find a lot of important and useful stuff for your blog.

Instagram an amazing tool

It comes as no surprise for many of you that Instagram has become a social media platform best suited for businesses and influencers. The stats tell us that approximately 70.7% of US businesses are using Instagram to promote their offerings.

The question is to effectively create a link between your profile and the website or blog. Instagram You might be using many ways to promote your stuff. But if it is not working, you need to look at the mix and match of different strategies to create the right antidote for the problem.

The right antidote for your underperforming blog

Here you will find a roundup of activities that can be employed to promote your blog on Instagram among your targeted audience. Because as of 2018, Instagram is attracting approximately 500 million users every day. Just imagine the potential of this blog to promote your blog.

  • Number#1 Smart use of your Instagram Bio

Link your profile on Instagram with your blog website. Mention in your marketing videos and vlogs that you have an Instagram profile. Alternatively, you can put the link of your blog in your Instagram bio. You have No chance of Not swaying your audience with the details you provide. DO Not think about leaving your bio section blank.

Tell your reader how passionate you are about the blog, what topics you are interested in, and how they will be helpful for them.

  • Number#2 Instagram Stories 

Create the blogs that you can link with your stories on Instagram. You can prompt your followers to get a more in-depth guideline about a specific topic. Your Instagram stories can be an excellent way to create curiosity among your followers. If your account is not big enough to allow you to post clickable links, you can mention in your Instagram story and direct your followers to click on the link in your Bio.

  • Number#3 Introductory videos for your blog/ A blog teaser

Make small videos introducing your new blog and post them on your Instagram profile, coupling it with the link of your brand-new blog and website. These videos are going to act as teasers for your upcoming blog. If successfully done, this action can create enough hype and curiosity. You can effectively make your users wait for you to spill your beans ultimately.

Number#4 A nice Call-to-action

Never forget to add a creative and polite call-to-action and a link to your website or blog. There are high chances that your followers will click that link if they already like and read what you post on your Instagram. If not, you might need to first and foremost work on your Instagram profile.

Make it more unique and create credibility among the followers. A call-to-action to action is the only place to add a clickable link, so use it wisely.

Are you getting enough ideas? Let’s look at a few more. 

Number#5 Eye-catching posters related to your blogs

You can attract your audience towards your blog/website on Instagram by making creative and catchy posters. These posters should work like a campaign where you start posting them a few days before releasing your new blog.

Number#6 Engage your audience.

What if you do not have a new blog post on your website? How can you direct your audience to your older blogs?

Creating a fantastic blog requires some time and peace of mind. But you cannot sit back and leave your blog without traffic. So here is what you can do during the period you do not have a new blog to post.

Make smart Instagram posts, highlighting some of the other aspects of a particular blog. To bind your reader, you have the option of making eye-catching whiteboard animation videos. Don’t forget to post a question, so you can garner your reader’s attention and increase their presence on your post.

Number#7 Go for the S4S strategy.

Link with the other bloggers in the same niche, having a comparable number of followers on Instagram to get a shoutout for your blog. Getting a shoutout means other followers mention you in their post, basically promote your content. In return, you can give a shoutout to them. When someone vouches for your posts and blogs, it gives more credibility to your content.

Are you not finding like-minded bloggers on Instagram? Try using the hashtags of your particular industry or niche. You can also use the location feature of Instagram to target people in a specific area. The location feature will also allow you to focus on the people who most certainly are your blog’s beneficiaries.

Number#8 Follow the old ways.

Instagram was meant to be a platform where you could share pictures and videos. So, here again, use some conventional and basic tactics: share eye-catchy and mesmerizing images. Make the most out of the visual aspect of Instagram. Take some time out to choose the best pictures among the sea of images being used by people. Look for something that makes you stand apart in this ocean of ideas. Make sure that your audience pauses and spends some time on your images.


These are some of the ideas to promote your blog on Instagram. Using a hotchpotch of tricks and strategies will not garner favorable results for you unless all the activities are streamlined. Poor execution can make a brilliant fall flat on its surface. So be careful because your blog is worth paying some attention to it.

Bloggers: How To Promote Your Blog On Instagram