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Bitcoin and Blockchain – the Bite-Sized Edition

How much do you know about Bitcoin and the tech that powers it, the blockchain tech? If you’re like most laypeople, you’ve certainly heard of both. But what does it all mean? What are the concepts that you must know about to really understand how this new tech works?

Thanks to the researchers at Bitcoinfy, we can answer that question for you succinctly. The research team did all the heavy lifting and put it all together in a simple to understand infographic designed to help any beginner gain a firm grasp of the main concepts surrounding Bitcoin and the blockchain tech.

Will it make you a world expert on the currency and how it operates? Or give you top crypto investing tips? No. But that was not the reason that it was created in the first place. The idea was to make it easier for beginners to understand the main concepts so that they could expand on that knowledge at a later stage.

It’s kind of like cliff notes for an exam. These cover the salient points and should provide you with enough information to at least pass. If you want to become an expert, though, you’ll have to conduct more thorough research.

Which is no problem if you want to become an expert. But for most of us, passing is really the goal. You might want to dabble here and there in crypto investing or betting, but the chances are that if you’re reading this, you really only want to know where to get started.

This infographic will help you get that information quickly and easily. It’ll enable you to learn some interesting stuff about cryptos and the tech behind them. Once you understand the concepts properly, you can decide how far you want to take things.

Do you want, for example, to learn more about how to buy your own Bitcoin? Or perhaps how to figure out which ICOs are worth investing in? Once you understand properly what Bitcoin and ICOs are, you’ll be able to figure that out for yourself.

So, check out the IG, and be sure to tell us in the comments what your next step will be!

Infographic URL: https://bitcoinfy.net/bitcoin-and-blockchain-technology/

Bitcoin and Blockchain – the Bite-Sized Edition

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