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Best Ways to Use Interactive Content for eCommerce

The quality of your content is often described as your talent to script, write down or direct an outstanding piece. However, in reality, it’s probably even more than that. You see, a lot of marketers let their ego get in the way, which makes them write content for themselves instead of their audience. In order to really ‘feel’ the post you’re currently working on, you need to find a way to include your audience. The simplest, most immersive way to do so is to turn towards the trend of interactive content. In the field of eCommerce, this can make a massive difference in your sales, therefore, making it worth your while.

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Videos are more engaging

The first example of how the format of your content influences its efficiency can be seen in the example of video marketing. One study indicates that about 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. The reason behind this is mostly the fact that a video offers a better demonstration of a product, as well as the ability to portray it from all sides in a single uninterrupted sequence. In turn, this creates a scenario that’s closer to what they would encounter in a traditional retail.

This helps make up for the single greatest shortcoming of eCommerce. With the existence of VR and AR, nowadays, videos can be made more interactive and provide your audience with a more immersive experience.

Allow your buyers to generate their own content

Another thing you can do is offer your audience a chance to create some content of their own. In fact, the user-generated content is probably one of the best motivators for a sale. Think about it, as soon as the product is launched, there are a lot of people who are excited about it but are still suspicious of whether it would be able to live up to their expectations. Therefore, they wait for the first group of people to invest their own time and money to first buy and then test the product. Afterward, they patiently wait for these people to rate and review those products.

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Seeing as how these reviews come from regular consumers (or so they hope) and not from retailers or marketers, they are often deemed as more trustworthy. Trying to leave these comments from fake profiles is possible but highly unlikely since A) customers recognize corporate jargon and B) creating these reviews in a significant volume is highly unlikely. Therefore, you come to depend on your actual users.

On the other hand, for those who want to facilitate this process a bit, there are people who get paid to take surveys. Their words can, later on, be used as testimonials at your behest. Moreover, due to the fact that you’re not paying them directly but rather going through a third-party agency, their opinions won’t necessarily go in your favor, which, yet again, grants you the benefit of authenticity.

Method of active listening

Another thing that interactive content allows you to do is to study the behavioral patterns of your audience. Think of it as a bit subtler method of A/B testing, where you get to see for yourself which of the persuasion methods give the best results.

With the traditional content formats, your message works like a one-end street and you don’t really get the opportunity to actively listen. Sure, some may argue that your audience might leave a comment but then again, not everyone (even people who feel strongly about your content) is willing to go that extra mile. On the other hand, by making your content interactive, you are virtually forcing their hand.


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Boosting brand loyalty

Finally, allowing your audience to interact with your brand, they will have an easier time differentiating you from your competitors. In time, this leads to more consistent brand recognition and greater brand awareness and, finally, even boosts your brand loyalty. On the other hand, making your content interactive is hardly enough, the quality of content still affects your expertise and authority, the only thing that interactivity really does is boosts your trustworthiness. By forwarding these three metrics alone, you stand to transform your business into something much more lucrative.


At the end of the day, the greatest perk of this trend is the fact that making your content interactive doesn’t really require that much of an extra effort. In other words, the ROI you get to enjoy becomes even bigger and more reliable. In the over-saturated landscape of eCommerce, this kind of competitive edge might be just what you need.

Best Ways to Use Interactive Content for eCommerce


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