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Have you ever thought that your smartphone or tablet must be protected just like your computer? In reality, many devote many resources to secure their computer but do not care about their mobile devices. Yet most of your private data and information is exchanged through your mobile phone or tablet and therefore needs to be protected by a good VPN.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best VPNs for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices in general. It is good to specify that all these options are paid, and although the price can sometimes be an obstacle, it is also true that free VPNs often put your privacy at risk rather than protect it.

The VPNs we have selected generally work very well for your computer or other devices such as a Smart TV or TV Box. The services that we have included in the list have been selected as the best VPNs for iPhone or Android thanks to their software that is particularly efficient with these operating systems.

What Does a VPN on Smartphone Need?

As already mentioned, the amount of sensitive data passing through your mobile devices is staggering. This data must absolutely be secured.

Furthermore, we usually advise against using public Wi-Fi networks. These public services have no encryption and can be monitored or hacked by anyone. It is very risky to hook up with your smartphone or tablet to these networks. It is always recommended to use your own data connection, as although it can be intercepted, this is much less common than it is for free Wi-Fi.

In any case, if you use a Hulu outside US service on a mobile, tablet, or another device, you will be protected. Once your mobile VPN is activated, you can enjoy relative peace of mind using a free Wi-Fi network and save your data traffic.

That said, our advice is never to use free Wi-Fi to browse portals that request sensitive information, regardless of the encryption or quality of the VPN used.

Although our list focuses on the best VPNs for iPhone and Android, we haven’t failed to mention a few that also support phones like Blackberry, Blackphone, and Windows phones. Similarly, we also talked about different supported platforms and devices, such as game consoles and TV set boxes that you might use with hotel Wi-Fi, for example.

Remember that this list is constantly updated. We are actively working on further testing and research, and we expect this list to continue to change in the coming months. The list is actually a sub-category of the best VPNs that we’ve tailored for users who are specifically looking for mobile browsing protection.

Smartphone VPN Choice Method

The providers listed above have been carefully selected as the best VPNs. We have paid close attention to their offers and assigned a rating based on some specific criteria.

All of these providers are excellent, but you may prefer some of them due to certain characteristics related to functionality, privacy, security, or price.

In the preparation of this article, we have cataloged each supplier’s offer and awarded bonus points based on the features made available. We also awarded points based on the number of concurrent sessions allowed and the number of protocols (in addition to OpenVPN) supported.

We also considered the price. Some providers offer services at two or more times the cost of their competitors. The less expensive suppliers received high marks.

Finally, we awarded extra points to suppliers based on their refund policies and 24/7 chat support.

Services that include a limited free trial period (or no refunds) received fewer points than those with a 30-day refundable trial period.

Best VPN for Smartphones and Tablets

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