Best Shopify eCommerce Themes for High Conversions

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Best Shopify eCommerce Themes for High Conversions

Do you know that IMARC Group has predicted a CAGR growth of 27.4 percent from 2022 to 2027? The global eCommerce market value reached $13 trillion in 2021, expected to increase to $55.6 trillion by 2027.

Special credits for the Covid-19 pandemic have increased online retailers’ growth percentage. However, developing your conversion-friendly Shopify store in increased competition is critical, generally achieved by several factors.

Which major contributors are the website structure and the quality of Shopify theme optimization? Shopify theme development is the primary factor which includes some of the most concerning areas of website development that are user-friendly and conversion-friendly.

Some of these are User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), easy navigation, simple on-site search, optimization for mobile devices, usage of clear CTAs, making the store minimalist, etc.

Best Shopify eCommerce Themes for High Conversions

According to some eCommerce experts, this article discusses some of the best Shopify pre-built themes capable of generating high conversions. However, we have not selected themes based on the number of downloads and reviews exclusively but on their features and ability to convert.


Mobilia is a highly customized theme for medium-sized stores with several sections containing images and content. The Mobilia Shopify theme setup is easy and focuses on converting through several ways like quick buying, custom promotion tiles, home page menu lists, related products, etc.

Another exceptional feature this theme gives is the FAQ template, brilliant customer support, etc. You can also showcase your store with a minimalist look and slick styling.

Price: $180

Reviews: 96% positive with 159 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Wokiee is an innovative Shopify theme with tons of conversion-friendly features. It can design an eCommerce platform with 20+ unique skins, pre-built buttons, and integrated sales notifications.

Integrated with Oberlo, it opens doors for drop shipping opportunities for the store. You can choose from 16 layouts for product and shop pages in multiple languages. With Wokiee, you can design a responsive website and derive a fast-loading website with Ajax.

Price: $89

Reviews: 4.98 stars with 424 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Handy is a premium Shopify theme that converts the highest in mobile optimization. As 79 percent of the sales are made from mobile devices, it is crucial to optimize your store accordingly.

Handy’s exceptional conversion-friendly features are its mobile-friendly design, custom promotion titles, on-site search functionality, and continuous product scroll that hooks the customer until they don’t find a perfect product. It also holds an excellent focus on optimizing through UI and UX capabilities.

Price: $180

Reviews: 88% positive, with 49 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Minimal is the one-of-a-kind free premium theme for high conversions. The Shopify theme setup is easy, with simple navigation and no necessary distractions. In addition, Shopify itself brings a Minimal free Shopify theme, which suits the demands of small and medium-sized stores.

Some of the best features of Minimal are its way of converting through the stock counter, focus on products and recommended products, efficient product filtering, slideshows, homepage video, etc.

Price: Free

Reviews: 83% positive with 98 reviews

One Fee Payment: N/A


Doni is the highest customizable theme one can ever think of. Its minimalist design helps the customer navigate the store freely and without distractions. You can design a creative homepage with nine pre-built designs with several layout styles for large catalogs.

You can even integrate advanced widgets and pre-built retina templates. Some of the features that help convert the most are the user-generated content or customer reviews, layered navigation, “New,” “Sale,” “Hot” labels, etc. Nonetheless, you get 24/7 free support for six months once you activate your paid theme plan, which you can also extend with an additional fee.

Price: $56

Reviews: N/A

One Fee Payment: Yes


The Loft is the best conversion-friendly and promotion-focused theme for clothing, accessories, health, beauty, and home and garden brands. The Loft is focused on storytelling visuals with high-resolution optimized images which can be designed into three unique styles.

One feature distinguishing Loft from other themes is its capability to design minimalist and modern designs in which a full-width Instagram feed can also be integrated. Made for small to large-sized businesses, it provides custom promotion tiles with white, rich-space landing pages.

Price: $280

Reviews: 92% positive with 154 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Split is an excellent storytelling Shopify theme which enables visual brands to convey their products with clear messages. It is one of the prominent themes with unique features with excellent Shopify theme development capabilities.

Features like social feed integration, free stock photos integration, unique vertical slideshow, etc., make it unique from other Shopify themes. In addition, you can also experiment with interactive dual menu sections, testimonials display, uploading large-sized images, enhancing easy search engine optimization, etc.

Price: $250

Reviews: 100% positive with 203 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Boost is the best in making customers experience in-store shopping. It is best for apparel, furniture, home, and garden stores, etc., and with its “Get the Look” feature, you can mix and match several fashion looks.

Small to large businesses can get higher conversion rates with live search results, in-menu promotions, image hotspot links, and unique color swatches. It also lays significance on the multi-currency checkout, video background, tag groups, and story page through which the store can get increased conversions.

Price: $280

Reviews: 96% positive, with 54 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


The story is a one-of-a-kind visual storytelling Shopify theme is excellent with conversions. You can also integrate your brand’s development timeline on the home page through “Tell your story” and “Team showcase” features and let customers connect with you.

The Story theme’s remarkable features are a custom contact form, lookbook, great store color pallets, a sidebar filter, social media integration, and a simple yet minimalist design.

Price: $280

Reviews: 94% positive with 18 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Flow is the best conversion-friendly Shopify theme for stores selling products internationally. Being the visuals-first theme, it highly focuses on quality product layout. Therefore, you can derive most of its outcomes if you are into clothing, food, accessories, etc., brands.

You can customize most of the theme’s pages without additional coding with a simple “drag and drop” feature. This theme’s most desired features are flash sales, product video integration, a slide-out cart, a mobile-friendly layout, a minimalist product grid, etc.

Price: $350

Reviews: 90% positive with 221 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Symmetry is a powerful Shopify theme, best for large businesses with massive catalogs and physical stores. It is also an excellent storytelling theme that generates high conversions with sliders, rollovers, high-resolution images, and zoom features.

You can increase your conversion rates through effective promo banners, recommended products, user-generated content, visual-first designs, etc.

Price: $300

Reviews: 93% positive with 274 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Pacific is also concerned with large volume stores with its easy Shopify theme setup and mobile-friendly and eye-catching theme customization. It is designed for large businesses which can benefit from site-wide promotion tiles, multiple product page layouts, multi-column menus, etc.

The best features to derive your conversions are dynamic checkout buttons, Instagram feed integration, contact forms, pre-added color pallets with a clean layout, social media icon integration, etc.

Price: $220

Reviews: 84% positive with 86 reviews

One Fee Payment: Yes


Korando is the best-known Shopify theme for high-converting drop shipping compatible with fashion and electronic store brands. Again, its innovative “drag and drop” page builder feature allows you to experiment with placing various sections that improve the product display and set it in lists, grids, and even tabs.

However, you will still need additional CSS coding for customization. Some features that can help you increase conversion rates are multiple banners, quick product views, testimonials, etc.

Price: $48

Reviews: N/A

One Fee Payment: Yes


Shopify theme Booster is proficient in increasing the average order value of the online store. You can do this by integrating “Frequently Bought Together” products, “Recently Seen” products, and “Recommended Products” products.

However, other features that help convert the most are language conversion integration, Geo-IP currency, direct-to-checkout, automatic gifts feature, screen size design functionality, etc.

Price: $249 Yearly, $399 Lifetime Access

Reviews: N/A

One Fee Payment: Yes for Lifetime Access


There are tons of Shopify themes available in the Shopify theme store. However, it is strongly recommended to consult your eCommerce experts to ensure you make the best of the theme.

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