Best SEO Tools To Boost Digital Marketing Campaigns

Best SEO Tools To Boost Digital Marketing Campaigns

Tech Picks: Best SEO Tools To Boost Digital Marketing Campaigns

SEO can be your best buddy when it comes to increasing site ranking, improving website traffic, or showing up on the first page of organic results.

Although reputable marketing agencies like SEO Sydney provide services on improving your website, you might want to do the personal labor first and use available SEO tools instead.

Using search engine optimization tools can help you elevate the status of your site in the web page ranking and entice more people to visit your site and explore the products and services you offer.

But with so many SEO tools available right now in the market (some are free), choosing which works best for your business can be challenging. To set you out from this dilemma, here are the top five picks (products of intensive research and evaluations) that you can choose to accomplish your business goals:


  1. Raven Tools ( Best for Auditing Your Site)
Raven Tools ( Best for Auditing Your Site)
Raven Tools ( Best for Auditing Your Site)

Before you dive right away into your SEO campaign, it’s best to examine the status of your site and identify possible errors that you need to fix.

Using Raven Tool’s Site Auditor can determine the things that you need to fix and improve to enhance the ranking of your website. It can also monitor your desktop and mobile SEO and can give you a list of optimization opportunities that you can do to improve your site.

As a bonus, it serves as an alarm system whenever a problem arises and lets you check and analyze your site from any device.

  1. SimilarWeb (Best for Examining Your Competitors)
SimilarWeb (Best for Examining Your Competitors)
SimilarWeb (Best for Examining Your Competitors)

To get one step ahead of the competitors,  you need to know what strategies they use and their actions. In short, you have to do a little espionage and gather some intel.

There’s no need for you to hire a corporate spy. All you need is SimilarWeb. This tool analyzes the metrics of your opponents and their industry and apps as a whole.

  1. Ontolo (Best for Backlinking)
Ontolo (Best for Backlinking)
Ontolo (Best for Backlinking)

When you have more prospects online, you have a higher chance to rank in search results. Prospects can be anything from reputation articles like backlinks and reviews, content marketing, mentions, and more.

Ontolo is a potent tool that helps you find prospects online that will benefit you, involving high-quality blog posts and backlinking opportunities. It also has an added feature that allows you to check each prospect’s contact information.

  1. RankTrackr (Best for Tracking Search Engine Rankings)
RankTrackr (Best for Tracking Search Engine Rankings)
RankTrackr (Best for Tracking Search Engine Rankings)

The success of your SEO campaigns, most especially on how your website is ranking on search engines, relies on the accuracy of data.

RankTrackr is an exact program that emails report based on the schedules that will work for you. For example, it could be monthly, weekly, or daily.

The unique feature of RankTrackr is that it enables you to filter and customize the keywords for data that you want to receive. This program also provides a historical overview so that you can monitor your progress over time.

  1. SECockpit (Best for SEO Keyword Research)

One of the reliable methods of enhancing your SEO rankings is choosing the appropriate keywords to include in the meta tags, titles, and online content. There is a selection of tools that you can choose from, but SECockpit can help you with that.

SECockpit (Best for SEO Keyword Research)
SECockpit (Best for SEO Keyword Research)

This tool can search for keywords for different countries and languages, all at the same time. Apart from providing valuable keywords, this tool can tell if the keywords are potentially problematic. This allows you to spend less time planning your SEO strategy and give more time executing it.

6. Night Watch (Rank Tracker)

That’s where Nightwatch comes into play — it is an advanced, all-in-one SEO performance tracker designed for the businesses aimed at scaling. It notifies you about new ranking opportunities, helps analyze your website’s performance, and spies on your competitors.

Night Watch (Rank Tracker)
Night Watch (Rank Tracker)

What makes it unique is its rank tracking accuracy, data segmentation options (for backlinks and keywords), and customizable graphs for visualizing your data. In addition, integration with Google Analytics and Search consoles brings your traffic data to one place and makes Nightwatch useful in planning and executing your marketing strategies and campaigns.


Generally speaking, it’s always a possible action point to enhance the functionality and visibility of your website when it comes to the digital arena. This is the reason why SEO tools are very in demand. But of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to use every SEO tool in the market. Instead, it relies heavily on what facet your SEO strategy or website needs to improve.

Author Bio:

Wade Cockfield is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wade Cockfield Executive SEO Company, a full-fledged digital marketing company based in Australia that offers top-notch SEO services to different companies. He is also fond of writing his ideas and expertise in content marketing and SEO-related fields to his readers. In addition, he loves to read about sports, politics, technology, and current events in his spare time.

Best SEO Tools To Boost Digital Marketing Campaigns

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