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Best Practices to Boost Conversions of your eCommerce Store

As an entrepreneur when your small business comes online and opens first eCommerce store, your first goal is to have a good customer experience. I’ve seen many eCommerce websites which have a huge inventory and beautifully crafted design. They spend heavily on their marketing activities and hence generate a good amount of traffic still do not make money.

People come on the website but do not buy the product. Then these businesses hire consultants and pay them thousands of dollars to understand & rectify the problem. But do you know how do these consultants increase the sales?

Conversion Rate Optimization

These consultants go through your website and identify the loopholes which are stopping the website visitors to become customers.

I’ve been a part of small businesses at different stages of my career and I understand that it is very difficult to spend thousands of dollars on these consultants. So, I learned these conversion rate optimization practices on my own and guess what?

They worked!

So, I’m going to share with you some of the best practices to boost conversions on your website.

1. Lesser fields in Form = Better Conversion Rate

Consider that you trying to buy something from a website or trying to book an appointment on a web page, would you like to fill 15 columns of information?

Obviously, NO!

Then how can we expect our customers to fill in extra information? When asking information for the first time remember,

Less is More

If you’ve got a form on your website which requires extra information to be filled, then trim to absolutely necessary fields.

One of the companies which reduced their contact form fields from 11 to 4 saw an increased conversion rate of 160%.

2. Differentiate CTA

When a person is browsing through your product detail page, you would want them to buy the product by clicking on “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

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But how will the person click if he can’t see it clearly? A Call-To-Action button has to stand out from the rest of the content to grab the attention of the user.

While considering the change in CTA, a mere change in the background color can make a big difference.

Hubspot has increased the conversions by 21% when they changed the color of CTA from Green to Red.

Red color happened to increase more attention from users as compared to Green hence improved conversion rates.

One more important point to notice is that the CTA should be clutter free. Clean the area around CTA, more is the probability of it getting attention.

3. Live Chat

You may be able to convert the user by asking him to fill a smaller form or showing him differentiated CTA, but if the user is not convinced by the information given online they would not convert.

One of the major issues which today’s eCommerce store owners face is “Cart Abandonment Rate”.

Cart Abandonment can happen due to various reasons:

  • Not sure about the product
  • Not clear of shipping charges
  • Takes more time to deliver
  • Don’t know where to enter coupon code

There can more such reasons which cannot be guessed, however, you can offer to help them when they are on the cart page and ready to take action.

A live chat software will help your customers to connect with you seamlessly while they are on that page and get their queries solved. This will help your business in getting more conversions on the same product. There are various benefits of live chat during a sale:

  • Solves customer issues regarding shipping, product info.
  • Suggests better products.
  • Suggests similar products to increase Average Order Value.
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One website has increased the conversions on their website by 20% and sales by more than 200% after adding live chat.

4. Right Offer at Right Time

Giving a discount/ offer is often criticised by brand enthusiasts who believe that it dilutes the brand image. Moreover, an offer on the website does eat into the revenue column of your balance sheet.

At the same time, you see a lot of people who are coming to the product detail page consuming the whole content/info but not converting. They would simply close the website. How would you tackle such a situation?

Exit Intent Pop-up

Show a pop-up only when they are about to leave your website by giving them an exclusive offer e.g. “FREE Shipping if you Buy Now!”

This generates the interest in the person and they might end up buying the product. These exit intent pop-ups can help you retain 10 – 15% of visitors from leaving your website. Here’s an example of such popup

5. Testimonials

Consider, there are two brands named Brand A and Brand B.

On their website, Brand A tells you that they are the best in the industry and have all the required features.

On the other hand, Brand B shows you the Trust badges from various directories where customer like have rated them 4.5/5 and left their true feedbacks about the company.

Whom would you choose?

Brand B, right? Me too.

This is because people trust the words of other customers more than the words of the company. Add trust badges on your website and crucial pages, and you’ll see an increase in the conversion rate.

Adding customer review widget has actually helped an eCommerce website boost their sales by 58.29%.

If they can do it, then why can’t you?

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6. Speed Up the Process

Nobody wants to wait and if your product page takes time to load then you’re in for a very low conversion and very high bounce rate.

An eCommerce store will have a lot of high-quality images which can make your website heavy and slow to load. You need to optimize these images and decrease their size if you want your customers to stay on the website and make a purchase.

Website page load time is also considered an important on-page SEO factors and the chances of your website ranking on the first page decreases exponentially if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


These conversion optimization practices have helped a lot of eCommerce store owners boost the conversions on their website. But you always have to strike a balance of how much of these to use, like overuse of pop-up may also annoy your customer. So, you need to keep things in check while experimenting with them.

If something else has worked for you which I haven’t mentioned in the article above, then share it within the comments below.

Anurag Mehra is Marketing for REVE Chat. It is a cloud-based multi-channel live chat platform. Anurag is a Growth Hacker and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast who believes that learning never stops in this ever-evolving domain. He likes to share his knowledge and learn from others.

Best Practices to Boost Conversions of your eCommerce Store


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