Best Practices on Influencer Marketing through Instagram
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Best Practices on Influencer Marketing through Instagram

In recent years, businesses have adopted new ways of attracting customers to their businesses. The competitiveness of the online market has seen a significant shift from traditional methods of advertising products directly to customers to the new form of marketing known as influencer marketing. With the growing number of influencers who keep joining the market daily, businesses are faced with tough choices when they want to adopt this new form of marketing to reach their target audience. The many social media marketing platforms also make it hard for businesses to pick the right platform where the company will not only get a large following but also generate leads that convert to sales. In this article, we share tips that a business can implement to increase their chances of success when using Instagram for marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing

This is the marketing approach where a person with a significant audience and some command on popular social media accounts endorses products or services to his or her audience. Influencers who get the job done to focus on particular topics and are considered experts by their audience. When the influencer recommends a specific product or service, his audience trusts in the recommendation. Statistics show that customers are more likely to buy a product that has been recommended by an influencer as opposed to one that is directly advertised by the producers of the product.


Why Use Instagram for Marketing

Among the popular social media platforms, Instagram has been on the rise in terms of growth and popularity in recent years. Older platforms like Facebook do have a broad user base, but the people on Facebook are considered outdated and old. The majority of consumers who are young and urban folk prefer using Instagram to other social media sites.

Influencer marketing through Instagram is considered more effective since posts on Instagram have proven to get more comments, shares, and engagements as compared to posts on other platforms.


What Are The Best Practices To Use On Social Media Marketing

When using Instagram for marketing, getting the right influencer for your brand is vital in achieving results. But that is just the beginning. The company needs to set out proper guidelines to follow and have a method of measuring whether the money they spend on marketing gets them more business and customers. We have outlined some of the practices that, if implemented, your company can get positive results from Instagram marketing using influencers.

Work with multiple Influencers.

Brands should consider working with multiple influencers who have established some authority in the market. Having more than one influencer gives the marketing campaign a wider reach and diverse marketing approach since each influencer uses a different perspective when marketing the product or service to their audience.

The high charges by influencers who have large followings may limit the number of influencers you can hire, but smaller influencers who do not have large following have lower rates. Marketing with smaller influencers also gives your product better reception as most of the audience can relate better to smaller influencers than large influencers who are considered celebrities.

Communicate goals to the influencers

Let the influencers you hire know what your brand aims to achieve by engaging them and why their services are needed in your brand’s campaign. Discuss timelines within which the results can be achieved and what strategies the influencers will use to achieve the results within the agreed-upon deadlines.

Let the influencers have the freedom to be creative.

Since the influencers know how they engage their following and keep them entertained, let them have the freedom to be creative when marketing your product or service. Allowing the influences creative freedom allows their posts to have some bit of authenticity when marketing for your brand.

Ensure that your brand is visible

Since the influencers charge you for marketing your products or services to their audience, your brand’s name can be treated as secondary by some influencers. Ensure that throughout the marketing campaign, the posts that the influencers make when marketing for your brand have your brand’s name conspicuously displayed.

Measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign

You should always have a way of measuring if the goals you set out to achieve have been met. There are software tools such as Sprout Social and Keyhole that allow you to measure the effectiveness of posts and captions made by the influencer during the campaign. The metrics for measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign include:

  • Views – the number of people who saw the posts
  • Engagement – the number of shares, likes, and comments that the posts received
  • Conversions – Number of people who made purchases after seeing the posts and clicking on purchase links
  • Sales generated during the campaign period
  • Traffic that the influencers posts generated for your company’s website and social media pages through links.

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Best Practices on Influencer Marketing through Instagram

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