Best Logo Design Ideas For Side Hustlers & Small Businesses

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Best Logo Design Ideas For Side Hustlers & Small Businesses

Do you own or intend to start a small business as a side hustle? Well, it’s good to earn some extra bucks, apart from your regular income, to cope with the skyrocketing living cost. However, you should keep in mind that the company will thrive if it can connect with your target customers in your niche. This implies that your visual identities will matter a lot in your efforts to reach out to them. But your logo is the most important of all the visuals you would be creating. 

A logo is one visual that will be present on your products or services, website, business cards, leaflets, and all promotional products and marketing campaigns. So, a logo is an essential but vital identity that should be unique in representing your small business for the values it stands for and show its personality. 

So, it all boils down to first having a fascinating logo design idea and then working on it to make it your business’s core identity. But what are those ideas, and how can you get them?

The best way to arrive at the logo ideas for your side hustle or small business is to know which type of logo will look great for your business. So, we can say that your logo idea is the type of logo you choose and then create a logo under that type. 

The first step is to find out which type of logo will best express your business values and personality. Logos can be categorized in several ways, depending on the design elements used. Once choosing a specific logo category becomes your main logo design idea. You can then sketch various logo drawings, keeping that main logo category. 

Consider these logo design ideas. 


A monogram could be a great business logo design idea for your small business or side hustle since it uses the initials of your company’s name and puts them together to create a compact logo. 

However, people may not be familiar with your new small business much, and the logo is also not helping them to know the name. So, use this idea to create logos only when people start knowing your brand in your vicinity after a few months. Famous examples of monogram logo ideas include BBC, LG, VW (for Volkswagen), and HP.  


You can opt for a wordmark logo idea as the best solution to represent your new company adequately. A wordmark idea is about a logo having a full company name. Startups or side hustles need to make their company name familiar to people, so a full company name is the best bet. 

Moreover, you will spend less on promoting your new business since the logo has the entire company name. But such a logo idea will depend on skillful typography to make the design impactful. Famous examples include eBay, Yahoo!, FedEx, and Coca-Cola. 

Combination mark

If nothing from the above works, then think of a combination mark logo idea that combines two types of logos, which helps such emblems stand out. You can try different combinations such as lettermark and emblem, mascot and lettermark, pictorial mark and emblem, abstract and lettermark, and dynamic and lettermark. For inspiration, take a look at the logos of NASA, Post-it, Puma, and Burger King. 


Would you like to give your logo a shape of an emblem? That, too, is a great logo idea, even when not many people know about your business. Of course, your company’s or side hustle’s name will appear in short or full, but the emblem’s shape will attract viewers. They will recall that memorable logo shape as a unique idea. Inspirational emblem logo ideas include logos of NFL, Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Starbucks.

Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark is an image with typography, meaning your company name will not appear in the logo. Instead, there will be just an image representing your small business or side hustle. It could be an abstract visual that catches the eye of your potential customers. Famous pictorial mark logos are Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Dominos, and Target. 


Depending on the type of business you run, an abstract mark logo can also be an impressive logo idea. It is primarily a thought-provoking logo design and is suitable for an emotional effect. With this logo idea, your business can have an original stylish identity, and you can convey a lot to the viewers. Well-known examples of abstract logo ideas for your inspirations are the logos of Spotify, Pepsi, and Adidas. 


A dynamic logo design idea allows you to make changes in the design whenever you want to by adding a feature to make it look relevant for an occasion. But choose such an idea only when it suits your business. Usually, such logos have a solid base design that can be tweaked using some decorative elements when required. The logos of Google, MTV, Nickelodeon, and The City of Melbourne are great examples of dynamic logos for inspiration. 

So, these are the categories of logo ideas that you can think of using for your side hustle or small business. But not all of these ideas are good enough for your business. 

First, know the business niche, making choosing a logo idea much easier since you can avoid the other ideas. It would help to consider your brand personality and your niche’s value while designing your logo. Know your message for target customers and pick a logo idea that best expresses that message. 

Once you have decided to go with a particular logo design idea for our small business or side hustle, make sketches of different sub-ideas you have in mind. You can then pick one of those sketches and develop that into your logo.  

Wrapping Up 

An impressive logo idea for a side hustle and small business will be the one that best suits its message and personality. While there are broad categories of logos such as wordmarks, pictorial mark, emblems, letter marks, etc., create a logo idea under a specific logotype that best suits your business personality.

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Best Logo Design Ideas For Side Hustlers & Small Businesses