Best Digital Businesses to Start
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Best Digital Businesses to Start

Best Digital Businesses to Start during COVID

Due to COVID-19, jobs and businesses are affected globally. On one side, we are going through some destructive phases during the Corona pandemic. On the other hand, we have to take care of a regular source of income as well. And the Digital Mediums are like a blessing for an entrepreneur to advertise their business in no time.

Here is some recent demography which will give you an idea of the growth of digital businesses in the future:

  • About 16% of the people search for reviews and recommendations before purchasing any services.
  • Around 30% of people repurchase from your website or mobile app.
  • Nearly 18% of the local searches converted into the sale on the same day.
  • 50% of mobile internet users immediately take action to purchase a service or product.
  • 70% of people believe that they get good deals online.
  • 23% of the one time buyers recommend your business to their family and relatives.

Don’t you think it’s high time for you to get started digitally? Well, Ibiixo can help you transform your local business into a successful digital business.

There are plenty of businesses that can be started with less/ no investment, yet they can give you huge returns. Here, we introduce you to the top 4 business ideas in 2020, which are easy to start yet trending globally. You can begin to it right away to reduce the pandemic burden.

Top 4 Best Digital Businesses Ideas in 2020

Online Service Marketplace

Online Service Marketplace is a convenient platform for the customer to find the best professionals nearby. A few examples are plumber, electrician, legal professionals, home rentals, and more. Over 10 million users, there are 250,000 active professionals on Thumbtack.

Daily household services are needed in all situations, be it corona or anything. You can plan a Thumbtack Clone App or an online service marketplace platform with Covid19 safety. Ibiixo a dominant Thumbtack Clone App development company that can help you serve local people with professional services.

To plan a better revenue model and filthy rich features in your Thumbtack Clone App is a must. Once you have aligned everything inside the app, you can earn handsome money regularly. And you can do it even without giving much effort.

Online Rental Business

Online Rental Business

As per the report, Airbnb is considered to be the third most valuable unicorn startups. Over 150 million global users, six guests check into an Airbnb listing every second. As of January 2020, there are over 100,000 cities with Airbnb listings. It clearly shows that how people are accepting the renting concept globally.

Airbnb Clone App could be the Best Digital Business Ideas 2020 to start real estate renting services. The rate of migration is repeatedly increasing in the global market. So, the opportunity to establish a business in the same niche is also growing simultaneously.

Vacation rental businesses should think of having an Airbnb Clone, but also other rental firms can adopt the concept of Airbnb. Car rental, Boat rental, or Equipment rental are the businesses that can think to start a platform similar to Airbnb.

It is an eleventh-hour for you to have a custom Airbnb Clone App with a professional development partner like Ibiixo. The modules and advance features added in Airbnb Clone are incomparable with other’s solutions.

Skillful Airbnb clone App Development Company, Ibiixo, will create a custom yet affordable solution which will not affect your pocket. It is built with an Agile development method to produce a unique platform that boosts your business.

Online Digital Learning App

In this technological era, online learning is in demand rather than joining the physical classes. US organizations have increased their income by around 40% by providing online tutorials. It has also been forecasted that global online learning platforms can reach $325 Billion By 2025.

Based on the growth, this is another Digital Business Ideas 2020 you can consider to start. It allows you to manage the tutor and students on the same platform. Moreover, it will give you tremendous benefits once you promote your Digital Learning App properly.

Ibiixo a professional Education App Development Company that can help you in the journey. You can create your online teaching business plan and ask the experts to create a customized app for you.

Inside the e-learning application, you will get the features to schedule the classes for students and tutors. You can also run additional offers for selected users within the panel. You can also allow a free-demo session, Automate the pay-out calculations for tutors, and much more.

On-demand Fitness App

On-demand Fitness App

Due to COVID-19, people avoid going to the gym or fitness center, although they prefer to take guidance through online experts. You can grab this opportunity and plan to start your business as well as a fitness consultant. If you have sound knowledge of Yoga, exercise, etc., or know nothing in the stream, you can still start the business by hiring the experts.

In the year 2019, the Fitness App Market is worth USD 2.92 Billion. And the industry giants forecasted that it could reach USD 14.64 billion in the year 2027. Based on the popularity, this is one of the Best Digital Businesses to start in 2020 without spending a lot on infrastructure.

You don’t need to do in-depth market research. You can consult a Fitness App Development company like IBIIXO since it is the leading company that creates a customized mobile application at a very affordable rate. It helps to manage the tasks easier by users and the owner with all advanced features.


In a nutshell, you can opt for anyone out of the above four business sectors. They all have equal demands in the local and global markets. The recent demography will help you to create a successful business strategy.

Further, you can execute it with the help of an App Clone development company like Ibiixo. Thereby, you can promote your application and services digitally to make a significant boost to your business. With some competitive offers and trending changes, you can see your business on a fortune 500 company’s list.

A compelling development partner like Ibiixo can help you build unique solutions in your niche industry. Ibiixo’s development method has always boosted many businesses to a decent level.

Best Digital Businesses to Start

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