Best Custom Software Development Companies in 2022
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Best Custom Software Development Companies in 2022

Custom software development is the art of identifying the requirements and devising the best solution to meet the desired objectives. The efficiency by which it does so will determine its ROI and long-term benefits. 

The best custom software development companies will tailor the solution to the business needs by accurate assumptions, utilizing their domain expertise. 

In this blog, read how custom software can add more value to the project and the top custom software development companies. 

Benefits of Custom Software Development

The key advantages that custom software has over off the shelf solutions are discussed below: 

Meets business requirements better:

Solutions developed after analysis into your requirements and identifying the best fit for it will produce the best possible results 

Ease of business operations: 

Custom software can enhance productivity and aid in other business processes when they are purpose-engineered around the company’s workflow. Additional integrations with pre-existing software can further extend the benefits. 

Enhanced security: 

Custom software development can consider the higher security needs of the software and develop the software with enhanced security features. This will also help in meeting international security standards better. 

MVP and iterative development

A Minimum Viable Product is a product version with minimum features required to deploy and gain feedback from the target users before the project is finalized. 

Custom software development can include an MVP- first approach, allowing businesses to develop the software around validated assumptions. 

Iterative development will further provide businesses with achievable milestones, with the option to pivot in case of changes to a dynamic environment. 

Better ROI 

As mentioned before, custom software can result in better ROI for your business, especially in the long run. 

List of Best Custom Software Development Companies 

We have compiled a list of some of the leading custom software development companies with a proven track record in the software industry of providing good results. Let’s have a look at those companies: 

FATbit Technologies 

FATbit is a leading custom software development company that provides analysis-driven solutions to meet the client’s business needs. The company follows Agile practices to deliver customer-centric products with iterative and incremental development.

FATbit also provides a mobile app, CMS, and MVP development services. In addition, it provides further support with business and digital marketing consultation. FATbit has worked with clients worldwide across multiple industries, most notably in the flourishing eCommerce space. It also provides readymade single and multi-vendor eCommerce solutions for retail, rental, e-learning, grocery industries for B2C and B2B businesses. 

FATbit has been recognized for featuring in leading business publications like INC, Nasdaq, Forbes, Business Insider, and more. In addition, customers’ satisfaction is evident in the rating of 4.9/5 on Clutch and other such websites. 

Established in: 2004

Rating: Clutch 4.9/5

Min Project size: $1000+ 


Intellectsoft is a software development company that has worked with some renowned clients. It has ten years of experience and offices in four countries. 

The software development company also offers ERP software and mobile application development. In addition, they provide dedicated software development teams for hire and offer IT consultation, QA testing, and UI/UX design services. 

Intellectsoft has provided healthcare, construction, fintech, travel industries, and more. 

Established in: 2007

Rating: Clutch 4.9/5

Min Project size: $50000+


ScienceSoft is a custom software development company that provides services for all popular Operating Systems and web browsers. The company has been in business since 1989 and has been striving to provide quality services to renowned brands. 

ScienceSoft also offers cybersecurity, data analytics and services, and software solutions such as CRM, ERP, and eCommerce solutions. 

The company has worked with clients from the medical, IT, Energy, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications industries. 

Established in: 1989

Rating: Clutch 4.8/5

Min Project size: $5000+


Oxagile is another Agile software development company powering measurable deliverables for their clients from across industries. The company has been popular, and its products have touched close to 1 billion lives. 

Oxagile provides custom software development, product development, quality assurance, and scaling a product to suit business needs. 

Around 90% of Oxagile’s clients are enterprises, making it a good choice for large business houses. 

Oxagile has worked with clients from media, advertising, telecommunications, financial, IT, medical, retail, and other industries. 

Established in: 2005

Rating: Clutch 4.6/5

Min Project size: $50000+


Novateus is a custom software development company into Web App Development, mobile app development, and IoT device integration. 

The company has 18 plus years of experience providing solutions that make lives easier. It follows Agile practices and aims to deliver projects faster and utilize fewer resources. 

Novateus also provides dedicated development teams for hire. 

Established in: 2017

Rating: Clutch 5/5

Min Project size: $25000+

Kanda Software

Kanda is another custom software development company that follows Agile practices. It has been serving clients from across industries for 25+ years, delivering quality code. In addition, it works to provide contemporary solutions, one application at a time. 

It primarily provides a mobile application, quality assurance & testing, front-end development, application maintenance, big data, and DevOps services. 

Kanda has worked with clients from the medical, IT, and advertising sectors. 

Established in: 1993

Rating: Clutch 4.9/5

Min Project size: $10000+


TatvaSoft is also a leading custom software development company that provides solutions to challenging projects from clients. The company is a certified Microsoft Gold partner. Its industry focus is primarily for SMBs. 

Its key services include web and mobile app development, UI/UX services, and software testing. They can also provide a dedicated team of developers for client projects. 

They fully account for the scope, project deadlines, and milestones achieved. They have worked with IT, financial, and medical clients. 

Established in: 2001

Rating: Clutch 4.9/5

Min Project size: $10000+


Intersog aims to provide ROI-driven solutions focusing on the high performance of the deliverables. As a result, it can help businesses achieve their goals with more affordable solutions. 

Intersog is an outsourcing company that provides custom software solutions and offers dedicated teams and staffing solutions to its clients. 

The company has worked with some established fortune 500 companies. It has three offices in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

It has conducted business with clients from the financial, medical, supply chain & logistics industries. 

Established in: 2005

Rating: Clutch 4.6/5

Min Project size: $5000+


Chetu is a custom software development company with a team of 2200+ executives working to provide holistic solutions to its clients. In addition, they partner with industry leaders to deploy software solutions for their clients. 

They have a list of services to their clients, primarily API, mobile apps, disaster management, DevOps, Infrastructure, PLM, QA, software security, MVP development, and others. 

They have worked with clients across multiple industries, covering a host of domains. 

Established in: 2000

Rating: Clutch 4.4/5

Min Project size: $10,000+


An outsourcing company that provides custom software development services, OpenXcell has the infrastructure and team at its disposal to work on large projects. In addition, it has 12+ years of experience in providing scalable solutions at affordable prices. 

Some of the services they provide are web & mobile app development, product engineering, UX/UI design, Ai & ML, blockchain development, and others. 

OpenXcell has delivered solutions across industries, mainly business services, education, and government. However, it has split its focus, a third of it for enterprises and the rest for SMBs. 

Established in: 2009

Rating: Clutch 4.8/5

Min Project size: $10,000+


Custom Software can help businesses implement their business plans with precisions, getting better results with solutions tailored to their needs. Additionally, achieving better ROI from their endeavors. 

The best custom software development companies can help in achieving those goals. You have read about the leading companies in this blog. 

We have prepared this list by carefully analyzing the work, internet rating, and customer feedback. 

Best Custom Software Development Companies in 2022

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