Best Business Planning Software For Start-ups

Creating a business plan is one of the best steps to starting a new business. You can use some of the best business plan software that can secure your investment and allow you healthy funding. The business plan gives you a proper direction to keep your financing secure. Best business plan software makes it easy to exquisitely answer your questions and insert data that makes your plan perfectly executed and formatted. It can guide you and saves time in getting in the right direction. 

Best Business Planning Software For Start-ups

These are some of the best business plans for start-ups with unique features that help you to choose them according to your needs. 

Live Plan– Best business plan

Live Plan is the best business plan software that provides excellent features at an affordable price. It is a convenient platform to use. It gives you step-by-step instructions for creating your business plan and helps to make reports. It is the cheapest business plan and gives you a money-back guarantee for 60 days. So, you can try it without any risk. You can get a 25% discount by paying annually. 

    • Its standard package costs $20 per month 
    • Its premium package costs $40 per month


      • It can create numerous business plans
      • It has a Xerox and QuickBooks integration 
      • It can export your documents to a Word file or PDF
      • It offers step-by-step instructions, and expert advises


      • Trial is free
      • Low-priced yearly plan
      • Reactivation 
      • Data saved for one year
      • Create numerous business plans 


      • Limit at integration 

Upmetrics – The Ultimate Business Planning and Collaboration Software

Upmetrics is a well-rounded business planning software that helps you with every step of your business plan, from drawing out your primary idea, financial forecasting, and creating pitch decks to discussing your idea with your investors and team.

Over 50,000+ entrepreneurs use Upmetrics all across the globe to plan their businesses, collaborate with remote teams and create stunning pitch decks that can grab anyone’s attention. The software makes it easier to keep track of your projects and customize your plans per your needs and requirements.

It has handy business model canvases and a flyer to help you brainstorm ideas and build effective and efficient business models.

Plan and collaborate from anywhere and at any time.

    • Now you don’t need to jump from one software to another; find all the tools you need in one place.
    • Get handy tips to help you throughout the planning process.
    • Get real-time feedback and suggestions from your team.
    • Affordable and simple pricing structure.


      • 200+ industry-specific sample business plans to make your planning process easier.
      • Assign tasks and keep track of their progress. It helps you assign sections to team members who have the best abilities to write the concerned section.
      • Get immediate feedback, collaborate with your team on projects, and share your business plan with banks, investors, or anyone you wish through a quick link. Also, exporting your plan to Doc and PDF formats is super easy with the software.
      • Planning finances is no longer time-consuming and overwhelming with our financial forecasting software that gives a complete forecast based on your data within minutes.
      • If a traditional business plan does not work for you, a range of business model canvases will help you plan faster.
      • It helps you create impressive business pitches that’ll help you explain your ideas more effectively.
      • And in case you are feeling stuck somewhere, each section comes with handy tips to


      • It helps you write a plan specific to the needs of your industry.
      • It consists of easy-to-use visual elements like charts, graphs, and timelines to make your plan look more impressive.
      • You can design custom cover pages per your brand colors and style.
      • Free demo available.
      • Export to PDF, Doc, or share directly through the link.


      • Third-party integrations are limited as of now.

Upmetrics Pricing Plans

      • The basic plan starts at $5.42 per month.
      • The team plan starts at $8.25 per month.
      • The premium plan starts at $29.09 monthly with unlimited workspace, canvas, and members.

Bizplan – Best software for start-ups

Bizplan is the best business plan software that provides the best solution for entrepreneurs looking for investors to help fund their business plans. It provides you with a lifetime plan that you can access forever. In addition, it offers an easy fill-in-the-blanks plan builder. 

Bizplan has three pricing offers.

      • It monthly costs $29
      • Its annual plan costs $249
      • You can also get lifetime access with a single payment of $349


      • Numerous business plans 
      • Publish your business plan
      • Saves your financial 
      • Numerous tables and sections 
      • You can add more graphics and pictures 
      • Export to PDF 


      • The low-priced lifetime plan
      • Without any contract 
      • Without any cancelation fee
      • Create numerous business plans 


      • Does not export in a Word file
      • The costs for the trial

Enloop – Fast Business Plan

This platform allows you to create your business plan online and helps you at every step of your business plan. In addition, it has the features of Auto Write and Text Sync. The Auto write feature helps generate the framework of a business plan using the information you entered. This feature creates a highly structured business plan.

It has two price packages. 

      • The detailed plan costs $19 per month 
      • The performance package costs $39.9 per month 


      • Fast Business Plan with Auto Write feature 
      • Free trial for seven days
      • Multi-user access 
      • Provides colorful charts
      • Financial statements of profit and loss, Balance sheet


      • Free trial for seven days
      • Video tutorials for business plan writing 
      • Without any contract 
      • Without any cancelation fee 
      • Cloud-based business plan


      • Only three business plans
      • No money-back guarantee 

Plan Guru – Best for budgeting 

Plan Guru is a software that offers a bit more. It has three different business methods that help you to calculate your business valuation. First, it provides forecasting, budgeting, and performance tools that help create a successful business plan and helps with professional SEO services to drive more leads for new businesses. It has a setup process in which it asks you questions. When you answer the question Plan Guru software asks, it generates a model you can inhabit with historical data. Finally, plan Guru offers financial data projection methods such as Revenues, Expenses, and Balance sheets. You can use Plan Guru free for 14 days. After that, it costs $29 per month and $899 yearly, and $299 per year for additional users. 


      • Forecasting and budgeting software 
      • Excel-based report maker
      • It has valuation calculations 

It offers financial protection


      • Low-priced annual plans
      • It offers Financial protections 
      • It has business valuation calculations 
      • Without any contract 
      • Without any cancelation fee 
      • Cloud-based software 
      • Excellent and responsive customer support 


      • It is more costly than other software
      • Its costs more with additional users

I planner – Best for Specific Business Plan Templates 

The planner is inexpensive and easy to use compared to all the major business planning software. It allows you to create a professional business plan for a few dollars. In addition, it is a project management tool that permits you to generate a business model in real time.

iPlanner has two pricing plans 

      • The professional plan costs $24 for three months, $39 for six months, and $55 for a year.
      • The corporate package for multiple projects. Its price start from $59 for 12 projects over six months and $92 for a year


      • Unlimited collaboration and team members 
      • It offers discounts for entrepreneurs 
      • Advises provided by experts 
      • Step-by-step instructions 


      • It provides flexibility in collaboration 
      • Export documents to Word, HTML, and PDF 
      • It is inexpensive 
      • Assistance provided by advisors 


Cloud-based business plan software 

      • It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
      • It has a free trial for 14 days
      • it offers financial protections
      • Don’t offer refunds
      • It Does not have a free trial
      • No monthly payment option


Business plan software has different pros and cons. You can create a solid outline for your business by using this software. Some software helps you in each step from start to end. This software is easy to use after subscribing to them monthly or yearly. Business plan software saves you time in creating a solid business plan. This software can help you collaborate with experts, team members, and investors. Business plan Software can help business owners to categorize business ideas. 

Business plan software simplifies the process and guides you through the process step-by-step. Business plan software provides you with suggestions and saves you energy and time. In addition, business plan software permits other team members to contribute to the business plan. 

To create a solid business plan, you should use software that has the feature of updating constantly.

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