Best Apps for Startups in 2022
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Best Apps for Startups in 2022

Business communication apps are indispensable as they can help businesses become more efficient. The key is to identify the right mobile app for each instance and ensure everyone on your team is using it.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the apps your business will need:

1. Mint

One of the best mobile apps you can use to track your finances and make sure your startup is running smoothly. Mismanagement of funds is one of the leading causes of business failure.

You probably don’t have enough time to review your credit card reports and bank statements to keep track of your spending. Fortunately, mint can do all the work for you. This creates a custom budget, tracks bank, credit card, and mortgage payments, and advises you on saving money. You can download this app for free on Android and IOS.

2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is another application that can increase business efficiency. It considers everything from savings accounts and checking accounts to credit cards and loans.

It also measures your investments and calculates a performance score based on fees and asset allocation. There is nothing better for detecting flaws in your financial strategy.

You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

3. Batterment

Betterment is an excellent app for startups that know nothing about investments. Betterment will help you make tough financial decisions without spending hours studying market trends.

 It can determine your risk tolerance and the number of your investments, then provide a comprehensive financial report using graphs and charts!

You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

4. Lio

Lio is an all-in-one solution app for all your business needs. You can easily choose from the variety of 60+ templates available, along with the availability of the app in 8+ languages. Furthermore, Lio stores all your data in the cloud allowing your devices to be free from overflowing data.

This App helps you maintain all your data in your preferred language. You can find Lio on Android, iOS, and Web login.

5. Budgt

Full of bright colors and simple graphics, the Budgt app for iPhone aims to simplify the process of tracking your money and spending. Setting a budget on the main screen allows you to log your expenses and payments, then use a simple pie chart to give you an idea of ​​what you’ve spent and what you have left.

With the ability to create and manage different categories, set reminders, and view a month-end projection, the Budget app lets you never wonder where your money went again.

You can download this app on IOS.

6. Google Analytics

Although it’s not a business communication app, Google Analytics is a great mobile app for business. It allows you to check the performance of your ad and campaign.

The more you can analyze and test the data and understand your audience, the better you will communicate with your audience through your marketing campaigns.

You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

7. Flipboard

What are the current market trends? How is the fairing of the forex market? This is vital information for any business. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough time in the day to scour multiple internet sources for this information. This is where Flipboard comes in handy.

This is a social network aggregator application available in 20 different languages. It collects content from social media and other websites and presents the information in a magazine format so you can skim through it and quickly read what’s relevant to you. You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to monitor all major social media platforms from a single interface. It’s easy to use and allows for scheduling posts in advance and on the go. You can schedule posts, respond to mentions, and check reviews.

So, it gives you everything you need to engage with your fans and followers. You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

9. On-the-go surveys

Many Fortune 500 companies, major political campaigns, and jury trials use Surveys on the Go because it pays to take surveys. In addition, it can be an excellent tool for marketers or companies trying to launch a new product. You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

10. Dropbox

Manually saving files and creating backups every time can be a daunting task. But Dropbox lets you automatically sync items to the cloud as you edit them.

It has both a free version and a paid version. Fortunately, the free version offers plenty of GB of storage space. You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

11. Camscanner

Camscanner allows you to scan documents such as receipts, business cards, newspaper articles, and pictures.

It also has additional features to adjust scanned images, lots of export options, and super-fast scanning speed. You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn needs no introduction. Right now, it’s probably the most essential app for businesses because it can help you promote the company you work for, increase visibility, boost employer branding, and even attract potential candidates. You can download this app on Android and IOS for free.

These apps cater to all your business needs from orders, debit notes and credit notes, cash register, warehouse, social media, and much more. You can download these apps on Android, IOS, and web login.

Best Apps for Startups in 2022

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