Benefits of Working from Home during 2020
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Benefits of Working from Home During 2020

Remote working has been on a consistent upward projection over the last decade. That is mainly because it helps businesses reduce operational and overhead costs, and has been proven to enhance service delivery across industries. In fact, some businesses have gone completely remotely. They advertise their products and services on social media and other online platforms, hire freelance workers such as virtual secretaries, and outsource customer service to remote call center services. Instead of investing in office spaces, they invest in modern collaboration and team management software, cybersecurity, and communication & video conferencing software.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated working from home to slow down coronavirus prevalence in the workplace. Despite all the doom and gloom that the pandemic has brought to the global labor market, there is a silver lining for workers around the world: Employers who were previously reluctant to allow workforce flexibility have now been forced to do so. This new dispensation presents a whole range of new challenges to employees who are experimenting with remote working for the first time, but there are many benefits that they stand to gain. Below are seven benefits of working from home in 2020:

  • Saves you money

Often, going to the office daily requires that you set aside some money to facilitate your transportation fare, wardrobe, parking fees, gas, as well as the meals to be eaten all day while in the office. Working from home cuts this budget because you do not have to go anywhere and make your meals at home. You do not have to purchase formal attire to wear to the office because you have the luxury to work in your normal clothes. Thus, working from home is putting money back into your account rather than taking it.

  • Helps to put a balance into your life
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Working from home gives you a flexible schedule such that you can start and end whenever you want. Such flexibility allows you to participate in other activities in your life that you would normally miss when in the office. You can be able to attend your child’s school meetings, have lunch with your family, attend medical appointments, or even go to the gym when working from home. In other words, working from home allows for a healthy work-life balance, which might have been more challenging while working in the office.

  • You can develop new skills.

The fact that you are working alone in the comfort of your home, you get to learn how to solve the problems you encounter. While you can email your colleagues to help you out, you will find the need to be creative to solve your problems before you ask for their help. In the process, you will have developed some skills and become independent.

  • You get to customize your home office.

Having a comfortable working space is the first step to getting work done. When working remotely, any room in your home can pass as an office, depending on your preference. You could convert that spare bedroom to an office or have a desk in your bedroom. You also get to pick the equipment you need to work efficiently. Whether it is a small desk, an ergonomic chair, or a desktop, you get to choose what works for you, and you can place it anywhere.

  • Reduced commuting stress

The initial stress that most people experience when going to the office is commuting to work. The 20-30 minutes you spend in your car or bus going to work is enough to add up to your stress. If you live in a big city, that means you have to wake up early to beat traffic. When you work from home, there is no need to commute. So you can get extra sleep or workout from the time you spend getting ready to go to the office and commuting. Additionally, forgoing the morning and evening commute could improve your physical and mental health, making you more productive.

  • You develop a focused mindset.
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In the office, you are likely to socialize with colleagues, which can quickly shift your focus from work. Working from home can also come with distractions, but you can quickly learn how to maintain a strict routine. If you can concentrate without getting distracted by the television or the house chores, you automatically become a focused professional.

  • You are rendered free of workplace politics.

Office politics are all about rumors, backstabbing, and can, at times, make you compromise your values. If you are not careful, this politics could impact your work negatively. Working from home ensures that you avoid such stress. At the same time, you can avoid conflicts and promote yourself while maintaining work ethics.


Working from home has opened a whole range of possibilities for employees and companies. This new avenue has also brought new responsibilities not only for the employer but for the employees as well, and the benefits are both ways. The employer will get their work done no matter where their staff member is situated, and the employee enjoys job flexibility.

Benefits of Working from Home During 2020

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