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Magento 2 Migration: Benefits, Reasons to Migrate and Cost Explanation

Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not just an upgrade. It’s an entirely new eCommerce platform based on 12 years of industry experience. Adobe has announced that the support of Magento 1 will end in June 2020.

This is a perfect resolution, even though Magento 1 community and enterprise Editions will continue to support till June 2020 because the Magento 2 migration service process will be neither easy nor fast.

There are three different editions to Magento 2:

  1. Magento 2 Open Source: Magento commerce is an open-source platform and offers a free version for download known as Magento Open Source.
  2. Magento 2 Enterprise Edition: Magento Enterprise Edition provides strong possibilities to recognize a specific type of online eCommerce business to produce many impressions.
  3. Enterprise Cloud Edition: Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition provides all the adaptability of an open Source Platform without multitasking limitations.

The latest version of Magento eCommerce is a powerful platform. It has an extensive feature set that is well-equipped to grow your online business.

Renowned Magento 2 Migration Services Used 

  1. Magento 2 Data Migration: Magento 2 Data Migration services are used to transfer data from the previous platform to the latest version of Magento 2.

To complete Data Migration services, you can use the Magento 2 Data Migration Tool. This tool can help you to transfer your data rapidly with extreme proficiency.

The data migration tool will assist you in transferring all your ultra-critical information. That requires continuing your business, containing goods, category types, checkouts, and system configuration settings. During the data transmission process, all information is transferred to Magento 2 within a minimal time.

  1. Magento 2 Theme Migration:

To securely upgrade your theme from the older Magento version to the new version of Magento 2. You need to ensure that your previous Magento 1 theme is compatible with the latest Magento 2 theme. You will be able to effectively configure and migrate the complete theme in your existing online Magento 2 business store without any hassle.

If this is not the exact situation, you can select one option from these two options. You can buy a new Magento 2 Theme from its online store if you’re the best in customization.

It depends on you what you’ll choose from the above two options. That’s the necessary process to complete your Magento 2 Theme Migration to proceed with the next step.

  1. Magento 2 Extension Migration:

To complete the Magento 2 Extension Migration step. You’ll need to identify the previously installed Magento 1 extension used with the newer Magento 2 coding.

If these Magento 1 extensions can be used in the Magento 2 platform, you can connect all extensions to your Magento 2 online business store. If you recognize the difference between extensions, you’ll need to select and attach new extensions to complete the extension migration process successfully.

For this Magento 2 Extension Migration, you’ll need a developer trained in programming and Magento Development.

  1. Delta Magento 2 Migration:

If you’re completed the process for data migration and Magento 2 Theme Migration and its customizations for theme building and the last Magento 2 Extension Migrations, you’re all set to make your online business store site live.

Now, it seems that you’ve completed all steps for Magento 2 Migration services. After transferring your new customers, products, configuration settings, and checkouts created during migration services from Magento 1 version to Magento 2 upgrade.

Starting from scratch would not be the right decision because you might face the loss of all your customizations. This is where the Delta Magento 2 Migration feature is quite useful.

With the help of this data migration tool, it is possible to migrate the selected changes affected. The best part is, it is possible to run these incremental changes as many times as possible.

Benefits of Magento 2 Migration

If you’re deciding on whether to upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, the services and tasks seem difficult to deal with in prospect. However, the benefits of Magento 2 far more substantial, higher, and more significant than any perceived obstacles:

  • The highly customized shopping experience
  • Faster loading web pages
  • Streamline checkout
  • Easy search
  • B2B functionality
  • New integrations
  • User-friendly
  • Improved preventions of cross-site scripting thread
  • All-new, inbuilt admin with increased backend operations

Reasons Why You Must Migrate to Magento 2

  • A personalized shopping experience that drives sales and returns purchases
  • Use enhanced tech stack and distinctive attributes.
  • Go over mobile reactivity.
  • A powerful search instantly serves up the targeted outcome.
  • Full-page caching loads pages in 1-2 seconds and improves overall performance.
  • Rotate to smooth checkout process that decreases checkout time and reduces cart dropping
  • Improved backed operations decrease reliance on developers, management time, and platform training.
  • Set-up enhanced security features.
  • Responsive design displays and performs seamlessly across any device.
  • One-click account creation after placing an order encourages checkout and repeat visits.
  • Easily set up cross-sells, upsells, and bundling to increase average order value.
  • Native B2B suite allows for custom catalogs, negotiated pricing, and one-click reordering.
  • Magento 2 can handle 2.1 million more page views per hour and 117% more orders per hours than Magento 1
  • New features are added with every release, and Magento will inherit Adobe’s benefits as well.
  • Advanced reporting – Magento Business intelligence

How Much Does Magento 2 Migration Cost?

  1. Magento License Fee:

If you do not want to pay for Magento 2 enhancement, you’ll need to select the Magento 2 open source or sometimes called Community Edition. The Magento License fee does not apply to Community Edition and purely free to use anytime.

If you’re going for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition, you would have to pay the annual license fee starting from $22000 per year.

For the hosted version of the Enterprise Edition or Magento Commerce Cloud, the license fee can range from $40,000/yr. to $190,000/yr.

  1. Data Import Requirements:

Magento 2 Data import migration services help you transfer your critical files or order information, product descriptions, specifications, meta title tags, relevant product headings, user account information, including saved profile details, and various types of attributes. You can later verify this information after the completion of the data migration process. By using the Data Import facility, you can save your budget during the Magento 2 Migration services.

  1. Cost for Magento 2 Extensions / Third-party Extension Migration:

Extensions used in Magento 1 version can’t be again used in Magento 2 upgrade version. For this step, you’ll need to find similar characteristics extensions into Magento 2 version to process your work smoothly, and later you can replace all these extensions with your existing extensions. If you’re facing difficulties finding exact or similar Magento 2 Extensions, you’ll have to customize these extensions from scratch.

On the dependency of state or quality of being intricate for third-party extensions customizations, older Magento 1 version extensions can be migrated to the Magento 2 party line. After this, your Magento 2 Migration services cost plan periodically increased with ramifications.

  1. Tariff for Theme Building:

You cannot migrate past Magento 1 theme to the all-new Magento 2, as you’ll see differences between the scheme and initial layouts. Hence, you’ll need to customize a new theme for Magento 2. This will cost you a few dollars and time taken in theme development.

Else, you can also buy a Magento 2 theme from Magento 2 store. Unfortunately, building a store theme can take more time, and you need to save time by purchasing a brand-new theme instantly from the Magento store.

  1. Charge for Customization / Magento 1 Customization to Magento 2:

If coding changes at your end for theme customization in Magento 1 marketplace online store, Magento 2 theme migration services require specific changes in the coding section.

You’ll need developers to make it compatible with Magento 2, which would increase your cost again.

  1. Price for Magento Partner Agency:

For your Magento 1 store project migration to Magento 2 migration, you should choose a Magento Development Agency or Magento Partner Agency. They have certified professionals and updated in terms of Magento 2 Migration services. You can hire Magento Development professionals from marketing agencies. To utilize these developers, you’ll need to pay approximately $30 to $190 per hour.

Benefits of Magento 2 Migration

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