Benefits of Live Events

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Surprising benefits that can result from holding corporate events live (rather than pre-recording them)

The pandemic saw businesses close their offices, meaning many meetings and events were hosted online. As the world is beginning to get itself back on its feet in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, what is the future of virtual corporate events?

We say keep them digital but live. There are many benefits when it comes to living corporate events compared to pre-recorded ones. Please keep reading to find out what they are and why your business should host live (virtual) corporate events.

Surprising benefits that can result from holding corporate events live (rather than pre-recording them)

As previously mentioned, virtual meetings and events dominated the business world during the pandemic since in-person encounters were not permitted due to the risks of spreading the virus. However, in 2020, online seminars became a topic of interest, especially for marketers who reported a 67% increase in investment in online seminars.

It is not surprising that even two years later, they are still as popular as ever. Society has gotten used to them, which is not necessarily bad.

Why you should hold live corporate events

Although the world is coming out of the pandemic, virtual events are still being hosted, and rightfully so. So here are reasons why a webinar is far more advantageous than a pre-recorded video.

  • Human connection

Live webinars are perfect for connecting with your audience on a personal and emotional level, as you can see them directly and speak to them in real time. Pre-recorded videos often provide no real connection between the speaker and the audience.

Do not be afraid of stuttering or stumbling over words, pausing, or even forgetting what you are about to say – these are all aspects of being human, and your audience can see that too. Laugh them off, and you, and your business, will be seen as more authentic.

  • Question and answer (Q&A) option

With a live webinar, you can produce a more customizable and personalizable delivery, meaning that you do not have to stick to a script if it does not call for it. Of course, remember to talk and discuss the important points that the webinar is about, but you can also talk about other (relevant) topics if appropriate.

There is also the option of a Q&A session towards the end of the event, which allows your audience to ask questions on the spot instead of having to find ways to contact you if it was pre-recorded.

  • Improved engagement

There is a chance of increased audience engagement with live events compared to pre-recorded ones. With the latter, audiences can easily become distracted and wander off to do other things, and the host would not even notice.

With live webinars, especially if you ask for video to be turned on, you are possibly more likely to engage your audience as you can see each other, even through a screen. Live corporate events may also see more attendance since real-time conversations are valued more than a pre-recorded video that the audience cannot engage with.

And there you have it – just a few surprising benefits of holding your events live rather than using pre-recorded material.