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Benefits of Facebook Groups

With Facebook making changes to its algorithm on a regular basis, organic reach levels are plummeting with each new update.  For this reason, it is necessary for marketers to diversify their strategy to help offset any decline in traffic and protect themselves against future updates.  Although Facebook ads is an option and one that all businesses should be taking advantage of, there is another low-cost alternative that can really boost engagement levels.  Facebook groups are not anything new but many businesses are not taking full advantage of what they can offer.  They offer a great way to maintain a connection with your audience regardless of these updates.

Below are 7 ways businesses can benefit from using Facebook groups

Increased personal engagement

When it comes to your Facebook business page, communication with your audience is one-way.  Now enter the world of Facebook groups and your communication is now an open dialogue.  This gives marketers the perfect opportunity to engage with their core audience in a more meaningful way.

If your business is looking for an answer to a question or looking to test out a new product idea, ask away. Every response you receive is important feedback that you can act on.  Doing this shows your customers you care about their wants and needs which helps further build that connection and brand loyalty.

You can join an existing group

Depending on your niche, there may be some Facebook groups already created.  Go ahead and request to join them so you can jump in on the conversation.  Joining an established group means you don’t have to seek members and you get to tap into a built-in audience of potential customers.

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They provide a newsfeed loophole

With organic reach levels going down with each new Facebook update, a good portion of your followers is not seeing your posts.  Facebook groups provide a useful loophole where posts not only show up in the news feed (which can sometimes get inundated if it’s a large group) but they also appear in the user’s notifications. This will help keep the audience interested and in the know about any company happenings.  Because groups can get big, you want to make sure you have the time to dedicate to monitor it and make sure the group is providing value to its members so that engagement levels don’t begin to fall.

You can create different groups

One of the best benefits about groups is you can create one for just about anything.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Start a discussion around a certain niche.
  2. Get feedback on a new product launch idea.
  3. Drum up interest for an upcoming event.
  4. Get feedback on a current product/service.

By creating these groups, you will get first-hand access to the thoughts of your customers and potential customers.

When creating a group, you have the option to make it public (everyone can see the posts), closed (people can find the group but only members can view the posts) or secret (a member needs to add a person directly for them to have access).  You also can choose whether members can post or if you only want the group admins to have that ability.  The best option for your business will come down to your goals so make sure you have them set so you can make the best choice.

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You can add a call to action to your page

In a group, you can pin a post to the top of your page. This presents a great opportunity for you to place a CTA that the group will continually see.  This can be something like an invitation to join your newsletter, downloading an e-book, signing up for a webinar, attending an event etc.  You may not receive tons of sign-ups right away, but if you continue to provide value within the group, you will start to see more and more people taking advantage of your offer.

Customer service

Customer service is everything and Facebook groups provide your business with a great way to provide better service.  Instead of just calling a number or sending in an email, customers can just post their question in your Facebook group.  Any team member can answer as well as any group member.  So if a customer is having trouble understanding how to use a product, other members in the group can help out.  The collaborative effort that these groups offer can really help take your customer service to the next level.

Customer acquisition

If your Facebook Group is open to not only existing customers but potential ones, you have a great opportunity to acquire new customers.  People who are not yet customers have the chance to post questions about using your product/service and current customers can sing your praises for you.  Social proof is everything these days and this will definitely give a nice boost to your conversion rates.


Facebook groups, whether you join one or create one, can be a very powerful tool for your business.   With Facebook updates leading to low organic reach levels, these groups provide businesses with an additional way to have meaningful engagement with Facebook users.  In return, you’ll have access to valuable feedback and the chance to establish your business as a trusted authority.

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About the Author: Denise Amara is the Senior Marketing Director of Autogrammer.com, the ultimate social media scheduler, and planner for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Denise has over 10 years experience working in marketing with the last 5 focused on the digital realm. She is passionate about helping clients make social media management more efficient and effortless.


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