Benefits of Cloud Computing in the eCommerce Industry

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Benefits of Cloud Computing in the eCommerce Industry

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing in the eCommerce Industry?

Cloud computing is a great instrument to meet your business challenges head-on. If I were to summarize it using the least words, I’d say cloud computing delivers the required IT resources on the pay-as-you-go model.

In recent times, almost all industries are switching to cloud computing to accommodate as many resources as possible. With the buzz that eCommerce follows, the industry is not an exception. Given the impressive capabilities of cloud computing and the convenience of hosting applications without offering physical space, cloud computing is finding an immense scope of applications in the eCommerce industry.

This blog will walk you through the best uses of cloud computing in the eCommerce industry.

How are Cloud Computing Services Beneficial to the eCommerce Industry?

Cloud computing has been influencing how eCommerce businesses run their operations–be it from the customer-end, external operations, or automation for your internal operations. Below are some of the best benefits of using for the eCommerce industry:

Cloud Computing makes your eCommerce Portal Scalable What is the most important ingredient to succeed in the eCommerce race in modern times?  


Once you lay out the first layer of your eCommerce business for your customers, it becomes crucial to understand and analyze the sentiments from your end-users to make better offerings.

While offering great deals and discounts is one of the ways to bag your customer’s loyalty, it can only take you so far. Hence, you need to keep updating and scaling your portal with better functionalities and servers to cut down on the wait times for your customers.

Save your eCommerce Business from Traffic Fluctuations. If you are running an eCommerce business with a particular niche, it might mean that the spikes that you receive on your eCommerce website are seasonal.

As a result, you might encounter turf and crust in the website traffic. Now, it is fairly easy to manage the crust-level of the traffic; it is not preferred. But, on the other hand, when you receive the turf of the traffic, your eCommerce website might get into a state of pause, thereby prompting your prospects to check out your competitors’ website.

The best you can do is have your servers hosted with the latest data centers to achieve ultimate peace of mind.

Improve the Speed of your eCommerce Portal The attention space of users is going on a downward hill. Hence, eCommerce companies are coming up with newer and newer forms of engagement instances to hold the attention of their users.

Despite that, some eCommerce portals fail to get past the three-second window span of prospects. The reason is the slow loading speed.

When the load on the server is high, it is a known fact that the page loading speed is heavily impacted. On the contrary, using cloud computing for eCommerce can help you seize an opportunity with no on-site infrastructure.

Cloud Computing offers Cost Benefits. One of the best features of cloud computing is the cost-saving opportunities that it features. For example, numerous cloud service providers offer a monthly or a yearly subscription plan, eliminating the excessive cost of on-premise software licenses.

As a result, organizations can have access to the storage space. In addition to this, you have to pay only for what your company needs from the cloud. Thus, unlike the on-premise model, you don’t have to spare a separate budget to maintain data storage and security.

Keep your eCommerce Portal Secure with Cloud Computing. When data breaches can make or break businesses, it is crucial to have a keen eye on the security of your data for your eCommerce portal.

Add the GDPR guidelines, and you have to have a security strategy for your eCommerce business. Cloud computing helps you centralize data and apps and offers high-grade protection. In addition, by following the best security practices using cloud computing, you can put in place disaster recovery plans. 


These are just a few benefits of cloud computing for the eCommerce industry. But, of course, how much you can actually gain for your eCommerce business highly depends on the types of cloud computing model you adopt.

Learn from the Best: Top eCommerce Companies Using Cloud Computing.

The best time to include cloud computing for your eCommerce business was in 2018. Cloud computing has ever since unveiled its undebatable dominance with its wide range of advantages.

What’s more?

Key eCommerce companies are fast-adopting the cloud computing model in their businesses to leverage the best of the opportunities available to them. Let’s see how well they are doing with the adoption of the cloud:

  • eBay:

eBay is one of the most popular eCommerce giants in the U.S., with an active buyers rate of over 175 Mn in the market across the world. Given the high level of Internet traffic coming to the website, the company began experimenting with ML algorithms by adopting Google Cloud in 2018.

  • Etsy:

Etsy is a niche eCommerce company for handmade and vintage artifacts. Since its inception, it has been ever-growing and is now catering to millions of craftsmen and buyers. However, the analytical tools have to work with about terabytes of data daily. Hence, the eCommerce company migrated to cloud technology for security and reliability.

  • Vivino:

Vivino is one of the best-recognized eCommerce companies in the wine niche. It is home to the largest online wine database, serving over 50 Mn of users globally. Vivino is operational in over 14 countries, and it is important to handle sensitive data to avoid any kind of long-term consequences. As a result, the company adopted cloud services from AWS to secure any kind of sensitive information of its customers.

As mentioned previously, the best time to switch to the cloud computing model was in 2018. Therefore, the next best time to adopt the technology for your eCommerce business is now.

Benefits of Cloud Computing in the eCommerce Industry

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