Benefits of Cloud Computing for eCommerce Companies

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Gone are those days when e-companies would use a server to run programs or apps. Instead, day-by-day all types of companies are shifting towards cloud computing because of the flurry of benefits it offers to businesses of all kinds and sizes.

When it comes to e-commerce, the big challenge is to keep up with the traffic spike that comes occasionally. For example, on Black Friday or Holiday Sales, the number of visitors visiting the site increases drastically. So if you are using old-school hosting, you will run out of bandwidth on those days, and the website will crash badly.

That’s where the role of Cloud Computing comes into play. 94% of all enterprises use cloud services. The projection says the cloud computing market will amount to $832.1 billion by 2025. So, let’s have a look at the benefits of using cloud computing for eCommerce.

  1. Increase in Stability

Suppose you are running a flash sale or doing a product launch, or running a deal on a particular day. You will generally expect a spike in traffic on these days. With old-school hosting, you had to move to a capable server handling the traffic spike on those days. And in other days, you would have to waste the server resources.

But cloud computing for eCommerce stores can handle this very smoothly. You can easily add extra resources to take the traffic spike on those special days and subtract them when the special sale ends. This will ensure that you don’t have to waste those resources when you don’t need them.

So cloud computing makes your eCommerce store much more stable and flexible according to the traffic you receive when compared to traditional hosting.

  1. Scaling Becomes Childplay

Scaling becomes crucial when your company is overgrowing. Moving to a powerful server or adding more servers brings a lot of hassle, and you need dedicated professionals to do all those stuff.

When your company runs on a cloud server, you can easily add up extra processing power, storage, bandwidth, and other resources with a few mouse clicks. Your cloud provider will immediately assign you the additional resources you need. As a result, you can scale up or down as much as you want without ever having to worry about migrating to a new server.

  1. Website Speed Increases Drastically

Loading speed is crucial for any eCommerce store. A study says, if a webpage takes more than three seconds to load, almost 40% of online shoppers will abandon it. Apart from that, a slow loading site or app also invokes trust issues and makes the business unreliable to its customers and prospects.

And for the eCommerce stores, the majority of speed issues occur during traffic spikes. But as we discussed earlier, cloud servers can be easily scaled. As it distributes the load on multiple servers, the website loads blazing fast at any given time regardless of how much traffic you are receiving.

  1. It Saves You A Lot Of Money

As we saw before, traditional hosting is not easily scalable. You need to add extra physical servers or migrate to a more powerful server to increase the resources during a traffic spike. But that comes with a lot of cost additions. If you keep those extra resources, they will be wasted, and your cost will still be the same when you are not receiving that much traffic.

But in cloud computing, you can easily add or subtract more resources to your system. And you have to pay for as many resources as you use (Pay-as-you-go). The cost is calculated by the number of resources you use multiplied by the time (how long) you use them. So you can optimize how much help you use and save a lot of money.

Apart from that, the automatic software updates in cloud hosting lead to a 16.79% reduction in IT maintenance cost for your eCommerce company.

  1. Hassle-free Software Updates

Almost all the software that the eCommerce companies in the World are using roll out new software updates frequently due to their own reasons. Therefore, updating software by the businesses themselves may require additional staff dedicated to this task.

But cloud computing for eCommerce businesses automatically updates that software when a new update or patch arrives, on its own, automatically. So you can focus entirely on the growth of your business without having to worry about the technical stuff.

  1. Security

Cloud servers are way more secure than traditional hosting servers. And we all know how important is security when it comes to eCommerce businesses. Ecommerce stores collect sensitive data like card details, contact numbers, addresses, etc., from their customers, and you don’t want this data to be leaked by cybercriminals.

Here cloud computing helps a lot. Because when you store your data on cloud servers, they are located in very secure warehouses, and a minimal number of people can go into those server rooms. Apart from that, all your data remains encrypted in cloud servers. So, even if someone gets access to your data, decrypting the data will be much more complicated. This makes cloud computing for eCommerce totally worth it.

  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About The IT Infrastructure.

When you choose to go with the cloud servers, cloud platform providers working in IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) model will ensure that everything is perfect for your business. In addition, they will manage and maintain the servers on behalf of the eCommerce companies. So you will be able to focus entirely on your own business, and they will handle the IT part of it.

These are the most significant benefits of cloud computing for eCommerce companies. But there are plenty of other reasons to go with cloud computing. Like it reduces your carbon footprint, provides enterprise-level data governance, saves time, gives better data backup options, etc. In addition, if you receive spikes in traffic very often on your eCommerce store, the cloud is the only way to go for you if you want to save your money and still keep serving your customers on those special days.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for eCommerce Companies

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