Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing

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Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing

As an e-commerce business, creating customer connections can be difficult given that most, if not all, interaction is performed via the web. Use text messaging to give your business a personality boost! Personalize order notifications and updates to elevate your customer’s experience. Bring your business to life with mobile marketing!

Take these stats into the consideration:

  • Sales prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages
  • 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS
  • Americans on average exchange twice as many texts as they do calls
  • The average adult spends a total of 23 hours a week texting

Look at Trumpia’s beginner’s guide to SMS marketing below and give it a try yourself!

Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing

SMS (Texting) is a powerful business tool for your company,  because people are relying on their mobile phones more and more everyday.

Here’s the top 8 reasons why SMS is so powerful:

  • 97% of Text Messages are opened with Email coming in at only 20% on average
  • 23 BILLION text messages are sent per day
  • 80% of people are now using text messaging for business in some form or fashion
  • 70% of consumers appreciate getting text messages from their health care providers
  • 75% of people would prefer to have offers sent to them via text
  • 70% of employees think that companies should use texting for internal communication
  • 67 – The number of text messages sent per day by the average millennial
  • 1/3 of Business Professionals can’t wait 10 minutes to respond to a text