Become a LinkedIn Badass with Angela Dunz

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Become a LinkedIn Badass with Angela Dunz

In this edition of Ask the Experts, we chat with LinkedIn guru Angela Dunz.

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It is always a pleasure to chat with Angela. She offers amazing insights into mastering LinkedIn.

She helps Coaches & Consultants, Attorneys, Financial Services Professionals, and Service-based small businesses build their businesses and brands on LinkedIn. Profile Optimization ensures the right professionals find you for the right opportunities. Content increases visibility, credibility, and Thought Leadership – when done right.

According to Angela, your About Section and Banner are your best opportunities to attract your Ideal Buyer. Are you getting the results you want on LinkedIn?

Angela is the founder of Cowgirl Creative Coaching

The spirit of adventure and grit inspires Cowgirl Creative Coaching, which both cowgirls and entrepreneurs have. It takes speed and agility to get your ideas to market.

Safety and success for horses are in the herd: more eyes, more wisdom. Small business is the same. Together we thrive and create rich communities of collaboration and innovation. Small business is the backbone of what carries great communities. We have the grit and spirit to shift quickly in response to changing needs and conditions. We have the boots-on-the-ground ability to address short-term situations. And the vision and creativity to shape the future. We help our clients see beyond what they think is possible.

I work with coaches, consultants, and small businesses to build a personal brand and business development using LinkedIn. What does that mean? Establishing a strong brand, building your networks, expanding your influence, increasing opportunities, strengthening referral partnerships, and discovering new ways to reach your ideal audience with connection and content strategies that get results. My mission is to change the awkwardness of “self-promotion” into an act of service.

I was born a teacher. I once had a mentor/friend tell me, “You could teach anything, anywhere, to anyone.” She’s not far from the truth. I have taught on five continents, of all ages, from pre-school to Elderhostel. And, yes, I have taught Rocketry to at-risk high schoolers at Malcolm Shabaz High School in Madison, WI. They had a blast and threw themselves into it with abandon. Nobody died.

Same ol’ is boring. Take a risk on yourself and your business. Dare to be successful. Dare to be interesting. The trust between horse and rider can take you to places you didn’t think possible. Faster.

Further, partnership in small businesses is the same. If you want to go fast, go alone. You’ll likely fall a few times and get off course. If you want to go far, pick some great partners.

Become a LinkedIn Badass with Angela Dunz

Join the conversation at BadAss Marketing.

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