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Beautiful Travel Web Design Trends

Describing a website’s UX as a “user journey” may sound trite to some ears, but there is no denying that this metaphor is a dead-ringer for the travel webspace. With 71% of U.S. travelers researching destinations, packages, and accommodations online before they book, digital user experiences are playing an increasingly important role in the travel experience as a whole.

Online travel shoppers are an attentive but demanding bunch. They are willing to spend on average 29.8 minutes on a travel website before deciding whether to book, which is more than 13-fold the time they’ll spend browsing other types of sites before bouncing.

That’s a lot of browsing time that needs to be filled with compelling content.

Furthermore, 77% of online travel shoppers admit that website functionality influences their travel purchasing decisions. Among millennials, the most-travel hungry demographics, this number is even higher at 87%.

After all, the experience a user has on your website is going to be understood as a reflection of the travel experience you are selling.

To succeed in the travel industry, it’s imperative to have an attractive, informative, and easily navigable website. Achieving this means showcasing the unique aspects of your business, service, and/or locale with diverse and detailed content.

A well-designed travel website will accommodate for the fact that potential guests come across your site at various points in their booking journey. While some may still be deciding between destinations across the globe, others may be on a highly-specific hunt for the best hotel deal within a 10-block radius of the convention center. From inspirational browsing to itinerary planning to ensure the right facilities, it is crucial to create content that is helpful and appealing to users at every stage of the travel planning and booking process.

The following infographic from travel search engine details eight web design trends beloved by the travel industry for their ability to guide visitors on their journey from user to traveler.

Beautiful Travel Web Design Trends

Beautiful Travel Web Design Trends

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