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B2B Marketing Trends for 2019

If B2C selling is like running a sprint, B2B selling is like running a marathon. It is long, tiring and requires extensive training.

You cannot push your sale charts up the slope if your B2B marketing is not tweaked with the future in mind. Sadly, there is no crystal ball that you can roll to see the future either.

It’s alright. We got your back. We did the searching, filtering and asking to find out what is happening and what is going to happen in the B2B marketing space. All our findings are compiled in this blog post.

If you are a B2B marketer who is curious to know how the future of B2B marketing and what are the trends that will construct the future, read on.

The Rise Of Video Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 B2B research report, at least 72% of marketers are using pre-produced videos for content marketing. Video has matured as a potent content form that can easily captivate new audiences and also drive home the brand’s message.

From educating interested prospects to heightening brand awareness through educational videos, video marketing can be used for myriad marketing activities. In fact, the right videos if baked with a marketing message can help the business drive lead generation. In the coming days, just like B2C leverages video as a critical content form, B2B marketers will also invest more time and money in creating videos.

Strategic Content Marketing

B2B marketers have been using content marketing for over a decade now. But, the activities were more or less fragmented. Also, there was a mad rush to create a large quantity of content. In 2019 and beyond, this will shift towards a quality-centric approach. B2B marketers have to emphasize on the quality of the content.

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Also, long-form content that is relevant, valuable, and educates users will take center stage in the content marketing efforts. More and more B2B marketers will also have a well-documented content strategy. Such a strategy will distinguish between using content as a driver for organic traffic and paid traffic.

Of course, organic traffic generation would see more activity since it is cost-effective, drives quality engagement and also has a longer lifespan than paid advertisements.

Data-driven Offerings

There are more data and marketing intel available to B2B marketers than ever before. Tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. give content-level information, that helps content marketers to create specific content campaigns that will drive user engagement.

B2B marketers have been realizing the growing power of data and how to use it to push products and services to consumers. What we are looking forward to seeing it B2B marketers use first-party intent data like website cookies to third-party intent data like those hosted on external sites to devise their marketing efforts.

Data Security as a Priority

GDPR is a European Union enacted regulation that is armed to the teeth with user data protection measures. It lays down with crystal clarity the responsibilities of businesses when it comes to collecting user information and using it for any purpose, specifically marketing.

Gone are the days when marketers could have collected any customer data discreetly and used it for sending cold pitches through phone, emails or even through offline mediums. 2019 onwards, B2B marketers will have to ensure that their every single interaction with consumers comes under the purview of GDPR and its data security measures.

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They will have to invest in additional steps to make their business compliant with GDPR. From having Comodo SSL Certificates to bringing a data security officer, B2B businesses will have to do several activities to stay on the right side of the law.

B2C-like Consumer Experience

If you’ve ever carried out any purchasing activity for B2B, you would know how long and complicated the process is. There are too many people involved, processes that are tough to keep track and also several handovers which delays order fulfillment.

But, things are changing for the good. B2B selling is also getting inspired by the B2C buying experience which is smooth, clutter-free and is also easy. From revamped interfaces to straightened processes that require minimal intervention, the coming days will see B2B having more of a B2C like a consumer experience.

Outdoor Marketing

Online marketing might have taken the world by storm. However, outdoor still has the potential to grasp attention. In fact, B2B events, summits, conferences are all marketed and made possible through outdoor marketing campaigns.

In the coming days, B2B marketers will have to handle campaigns that bring together the best of online and outdoor marketing. They will have to create an online presence for outdoor events and follow up leads from outdoor events through online means. Marketing will no longer be a siloed function, but, one where marketers will penetrate every route to reach their target audience.

Do you sell to B2B consumers? Do you want to stay ahead of the game by catching trends early on? Well, you got served the right kind of information. Learn from them, act on them and bake them into your marketing strategy to make the best of 2019.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2019

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