Avoid These Common eCommerce Mistakes

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Avoid These Common eCommerce Mistakes

Today, many businesses wish to create their very own eCommerce sites. It is a popular trend that is being practiced by lots of organizations. But sadly, more than 60% of all the organizations that create their online stores close within a couple of years. So, what can be the reason for so many businesses to shut down their eCommerce stores?

A dominant player with a significant market share in a highly-fragmented market. There is substantial evidence that Amazon is responsible for at least 40% of sales on the internet. It is a big number and most online stores are not even close to this number. These smaller stores do not benefit from the economies of scale that Amazon has established, thus, they can’t compete with the Giant Gorilla in the marketplace.

To successfully compete against Amazon is never about price; small businesses will never survive being the low-price provider. They have to offer something unique that meets an unmet need not addressed by Amazon.  And they must execute with precision, market effectively, and avoid making rookie mistakes.

Remember, mistakes are cornerstones of success. Intelligent people are those who learn from other people’s mistakes. And this is your chance to avoid making the same mistakes that have previously destroyed eCommerce stores. It is a great learning curve that can teach you many different things about the practical world.

In this post, we will look at the major mistakes made by eCommerce stores while utilizing Magento eCommerce development services. Avoid making these mistakes while running your eCommerce site. This way, you will be able to survive and grow your online store.

Avoid These Common eCommerce Mistakes.

So, let’s start with the major mistakes new eCommerce sites make.

Coming Up With an Altogether Unorthodox Solution

A new eCommerce brand falls into one of two traps:

    1. Combining something entirely derivative.
    2. Coming up with an altogether complete solution for everything.

You must not waste your precious time on resources to develop custom solutions for problems faced. Expect that the customization is done can directly and clearly impact your branding and create a distinct USP for your products.

Always take advantage of an existing eCommerce platform like Magento or Shopify instead of reinventing an exclusive platform as the selling point of your brand.

Remember, most of the time, customers are looking for a familiar shopping experience and navigational elements. This includes your shopping carts, shipping requirements, and virtually any other part of your online business. Let someone else take the lead if it is not related to sales. Concentrate on the essential elements that differentiate your brand from others in the industry.

An Inconsistent Design

It has been researched and found that the design of a website plays a very critical part in determining whether the users find it trustworthy compared to any of the content on the site. Hence, to prove your expertise in the design part, it is vital to avail yourself of the services of a seasoned designer. Unless, of course, you happen to be a highly qualified designer yourself!

If the design is not a differentiating factor for your brand, we recommend employing a trusted and tested eCommerce platform with the latest theme. If the design is vital for your brand, we recommend you invest in hiring top talent without cutting any corners.

Duplicate Product Descriptions

One of the most common mistakes new eCommerce sites make is to include product descriptions that are directly copied from the manufacturer’s website. In case you are practicing this cynical tactic, your descriptions will likely count for nothing on reputed search engines. This will result in absolutely no traffic on your product pages.

Google views such pages as duplicates, which will get you penalty points making your product description steep even lower in the page rankings. Also, if the product description differs from the manufacturer, ensure that it resolves customer queries. Alternatively, it should directly compare your product with that of your competitor. If this is not the case, people will not have a valid reason to purchase.

Remember, a product description page is like a golden goose that can give you rich dividends if appropriately used. If you sell many products, the best thing would be to showcase the best-selling products at the top of the most promising ones.

Lack of Responsive Design

Today, it is quite challenging to find a website that is not using a responsive design. With the emergence of mobile devices, most adults today make purchases from their smartphones, and that number keeps increasing. One of the main reasons for this is a widely tested theme that requires minimal customizations. You can check your theme with Google’s mobile-friendly test and stress test it on as many devices as possible.

There is a reason for thorough testing on mobile devices. Many times a shopping cart will look elegant on mobile but fail when submitting an order.

Complicated Checkout Process

Many eCommerce stores fail to address this issue and lose many customers due to a prolonged and complicated checkout process. Users often leave the checkout process, especially when it requires more than a few minutes.

For example, If you have made it compulsory for a user to register on your eCommerce store before paying out, they will not hesitate to go to your competitor’s store. This ultimately results in the loss of a sales opportunity.

One way to overcome this situation is by allowing guests to sign in to make the purchases. This way, the user will not hesitate to return to your online store. They will be able to complete the checkout process by using the guest checkout option promptly.

Also, ensure that you keep the buttons big enough so that they can quickly identify. In addition to this, if there are optional fields, get rid of them altogether. Never have the shipping fees come up at the last moment of the checkout process. This is a sure-shot way to lose out on a valuable customer.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the major mistakes new eCommerce sites make that you should avoid at all costs. If you wish to create your eCommerce store, contact a professional Magento eCommerce development company and take the comprehensive benefits of migrating to the latest Magento version, i.e., 2.3.2.

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