Automate client onboarding with secure, centralized doc management
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Automate client onboarding with secure, centralized doc management

You’ve worked hard to land the new client. But, don’t lose momentum in the onboarding process. Onboarding sets the tone for the business relationship going forward. It helps clients understand how to use your product, what is expected of them, and how to gain maximum value from your services.

Happy customers mean recurring business, referrals, and other lead generation opportunities. So to grow your business today with Parallel.

With Parallel, you have everything you need to streamline back-office onboardings and scale up your customer or client base.

Get the ball rolling with customizable templates for processes like KYC requirements, NDAs, and SEPA mandates—or create dynamic checklists from scratch.

Even with templates, you can still add your form fields and set up conditional decision steps using visual, no-code text blocks.

Templates include all the required documents and introductory email copy so that you can send the paperwork to your client in a snap.

  • Manage onboarding in a secure client portal with templated NDAs, SEPA mandates, legal documents, and more
  • Alternative to: Contractbook, Juro, and FileInvite
  • Set up standardized workflows for back-office tasks and integrate with Zapier to access essential tools
  • Best for: Real estate, sales, and customer support teams looking to automate onboarding and back-office tasks

Parallel automates every step of client onboarding, making it easy to keep track of progress with built-in comments and flexible workflows.

Grow your business without the growing pains.

Get started today with Parallel.

Automate client onboarding with secure, centralized doc management

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