Audience Segmentation for PPC Management

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Audience Segmentation for PPC Management

Why Audience Segmentation is Better for PPC Management Than Generalized Marketing

To boost their search engine rankings quickly, companies often use PPC marketing. The advertisement avenue combines well with other marketing strategies and helps businesses achieve their goals. It also provides a wealth of useful insights that can help businesses across their whole strategies.

The results are easy to track and measure and help promote a product or service faster than is possible organically.

However, often times, the whole exercise becomes futile when novice marketing managers use a generalized marketing approach. This is why it’s essential you only hire PPC agency that uses the company’s PPC ad spend more effectively using the segmentation approach. Learn why it is crucial in this post.

Why Is Generalized Marketing Ineffective?

A generalized marketing approach is not an effective method because it doesn’t narrow in on a specific consumer and their needs. The concept itself is derived from old-school avenues of marketing such as magazine advertisements, billboards, and television commercials.

Marketers used them with the logic that out of the 500,000 that might watch the advertisement on the television in a particular time window, there is a chance that 2,000 relevant people will see them too. The problem with this approach is that it is expensive and can be difficult to measure results and make the necessary adjustments.

Audience Segmentation for PPC Management

Audience segmentation is a process that helps businesses create the segment of customers that they want to target. When they can define their audience, they can target them with ads, and optimize their campaigns more accurately.

Using audience segmentation, businesses can reach the right audience more effectively. If you don’t know who your ideal customers are or what keywords they use when searching online, it will be difficult to make your PPC strategy work.

This is why companies hire professional PPC management services, to help them understand their target audience better.

Reduces Expenditure

If you are Jeff Bezos and have a platform that sells just about everything, then generalized marketing might makes sense and the economics might be feasible. However, if you are a small business with a limited range of products that serves a particular demographic, then audience segmentation is the way to go.

For example, if you are a business that sells clothing for teenage girls in California, then using a segmentation approach can help you target your campaigns more effectively. You can get more bang for your buck and minimize the overall expenditure.

Design Better Ads

Having a well-defined audience segment will help you design better advertisements that will make your PPC campaigns a success. For instance, if you are selling a sophisticated niche product like a new gaming laptop, you will be able to picture the target audience in mind to write more concisely using the right terminologies and keywords that are relevant to them.

This will also help you highlight your selling points and be more consistent with your overall branding. On the other hand, if you were to do generalized marketing and just work on the keyword laptops,then your admight not make the cut.

Get More Conversions

Audience segmentation will help you better understand the customers who are making the purchase so you can create content or design your website to add to their experience. With segmentation, you can tailor your message to your target audience. You will also know the perfect time to run the advertisements and the right tone to write compelling calls-to-action.

How to Segment

To segment your customers, you need to do research into your target audience. Understand their target personas and factors like demographic, socio economics, and the geographic area they reside in. You can also go deeper and study their behavioral traits and the psychographic factors that motivate them.

A good PPC management company will use primary levels or tools such as Google Analytics to understand them. This will allow you to create specific ads and messages after taking factors like age, gender, and income level into account.

You can also be as specific as possible—for instance a luxury sports watch retail store in Florida can define its target audience as men who have a high net worth such as sports stars, celebrities, investors, businessmen and C-level executives. They could elaborate even further on how these people like to value time, love a watch that looks good and is functional, etc.

As a result, segmentation allows businesses to bring in more leads, tailor their message, and improve conversion rates.

About the Author

Vivian Clarke is a highly experienced PPC expert working for a reputable PPC management services provider,  Search BergThrough their PPC management services, she helps companies find the right target audience so they can achieve high marketing ROI on a limited budget.