4 Ways Artificial Intelligence can Propel Your eCommerce Store Forward
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Artificial Intelligence Propels eCommerce

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence can Propel Your eCommerce Store Forward

Being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, eCommerce is always one of the first to implement new and exciting technologies in an attempt to boost customer acquisition and retention. After all, the success of every growth-oriented eCommerce brand in the competitive marketplace depends on its ability to improve its bottom line and enhance the shopping experience. And artificial intelligence is the way to do just that.

Artificial intelligence has seeped into every industry and every niche in this modern, tech-driven world, and is quickly revolutionizing the way Ecommerce businesses approach the problems of customer service, content generation, inventory management, and more. Here are some of the most rewarding aspects of integrating artificial intelligence into your online store.

Generating customized content for customers

It’s no secret that modern Ecommerce is all about catering to the unique tastes and preferences of the individual, not the masses. Customers nowadays want and need to feel valued and appreciated, and they need to feel that your brand is acknowledging them as valued members of your brand. Yet, targeting the individual specifically and focusing on personalization is a cumbersome and even impossible goal to achieve without AI.

Artificial intelligence learns quickly about customer behavior in your store and in the online realm in general, and uses this information about their interests, habits, and shopping patterns to create personalized promotions, content, and offers that speak directly to the individual. You can choose to display this content in personalized emails, on your website when they log in, and even on social media and search engine advertisements.

Optimizing and managing inventory

Inventory management can be one of the most demanding tasks for an eCommerce leader, as the sheer number of different products multiplied by the number of individual units can make inventory management, shipping, and financial management a real nightmare. Luckily, there are many smart solutions, such as NetSuite ERP software, that eCommerce entrepreneurs can implement to make these processes more efficient.

By using robotics coupled with cloud solutions and artificial intelligence, business leaders can bring warehouse management into the 21st century and expedite handling, packaging, categorizing, and of course, speed up processing and shipping. In turn, this will greatly improve your delivery schedule, which will directly impact customer satisfaction and retention.

Enhancing customer service

Speaking of customer satisfaction, it’s important to note that your customer service department has the power and potential to define the future of your business. Not only do your customer service agents need to boast the necessary knowledge to answer every question and resolve every issue, but they also need to handle the workload without letting a single ticket slip through the cracks. This is where artificial intelligence and chatbots come into play.

Chatbot technology is becoming a staple of every growth-oriented eCommerce business nowadays, as it allows your customer service agents and the entire online chat managed service under your brand to handle incoming traffic efficiently and effectively. Chatbots can process large amounts of inquiries without hindering performance, and they can help you optimize the workload so that your support staff can focus on delivering unparalleled service to the customer.

Generating product descriptions with AI

Another innovative application of artificial intelligence in eCommerce is content creation. From product descriptions to entire blog posts, artificial intelligence can help you expedite the content creation process and thus save time and money crafting descriptions for literally thousands of products. 

The fact that Ecommerce companies need to keep adding products to their inventories in order to stay competitive nowadays also means that they have to invest more in content creation across the board, and that includes the tedious and resource-consuming task of writing an engaging product description for every product.

The keyword here is “engaging” because you need to create a product description that will not only portray its benefits but also convey a meaningful message and a story. You can use AI and machine learning to generate quality product descriptions, and then simply tweak them as necessary.

In closing

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every industry in the world, nor that Ecommerce companies stand to gain a lot by integrating it into every aspect of their existence. Be sure to implement AI into your processes as well, and you will have no problem building a competitive advantage, boosting customer acquisition, and most importantly, improving customer loyalty to improve your retention rate.

Artificial Intelligence Propels eCommerce

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