Are Cannabis Delivery Services Legal?

This question seems to be on everyone’s minds since the recent waves of cannabis legality and acceptance. We can get everything else delivered: food, groceries, and other packages. Why not cannabis? If we didn’t have to venture out for our cannabis, we would also get fewer funny looks from people. Joking aside, is cannabis delivery legal?

The most straightforward answer is that it depends.

That dependence hinges on where you live. Some less progressive states still have any forms of marijuana banned. You can’t even get caught with glass cannabis pipes in these states. However, some states are warming up to the idea. Still, they only currently allow cannabis delivery to people with medical prescriptions. There is hope for them to catch up.

Then you have states, like Colorado, that are wise to the many benefits of cannabis and have it legalized on all fronts. Your glass cannabis pipes are safe in places like this. You will need to know the legal status of your state to see if you can get cannabis delivered or not.

It may not be easy to find deliveries even in legalized states.

Cannabis deliveries are probably rare in the current state of affairs. Their rarity is most likely due to the areas that only allow cannabis for medical use. For these states, the delivery service would have to ensure that every consumer is a medically prescribed patient. However, that act could cross into some murky privacy territory.

Not only that, but all delivery drivers must be patients since they handle cannabis. The service may be unable to find enough drivers to fit this criterion. Drivers should also not be used while driving, but I sincerely hope that is already understood.

Furthermore, if the state in question is only legalized on a medical basis, would there be enough consumer base for the delivery service to succeed and grow? These are things that the business has to think about to stay afloat.

Some places might not be able to pull it off.

The best places for cannabis delivery services would be states that have cannabis legalized completely. There would be a large enough market. Anyone could drive (as long as they aren’t using while driving), and the services would be open to everyone and not exclusive to medical patients. The last point means that no breaches of medical privacy need to occur. Doctors would probably have fewer prescriptions to subscribe to, which gives them a break.

Are there any cannabis delivery services out there? Yes, there are, or there are attempts, at least. Our friends in Colorado seem to be the leaders on that one. Delivery services that specialize in cannabis are possible. Colorado has proven that. However, they may be a rare sight for quite some time. Cannabis deliveries could be a pipe dream for states with only a bit of legalization or none. Maybe you should move to Colorado if you want your cannabis delivered.

Are Cannabis Delivery Services Legal?