Applications and Benefits of Augmented Reality in Business

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Applications and Benefits of Augmented Reality in Business

Imagine this —- You are carrying shopping for your favorite dress and you need to decide which of them fits you better. Or you want to have a tour of the apartment that you want to rent during this winter. Or what if you have been looking for a new dinner table and instead of looking at the images, you want to know how it exactly looks inside the living room. Those are some of the common scenarios that we encounter in our lives. Now can you imagine you can carry out all that from your house without having to go to the store? Here are some of the common applications of AR and VR.

Applications and Benefits of Augmented Reality in Business

The development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is an exciting process. The big tech giants such as Google and Facebook want to integrate these technologies to provide the customers with the best experience. Other companies such as Amazon have also expressed their interest in using these technologies. As an individual, you can also integrate it into your business by getting an app development company to incorporate augmented reality in Dubai into your mobile application and offer your customers the best shopping experience.

What is the Power of Augmented Reality in Businesses?

The use of VR and AR is more of a bridge between the physical and the digital world. It is the best way of interacting with customers. The technology is still in the early stages of its development and it is approximated that it will take over the business world in 2021.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Both of these technologies are focused on getting users into the digital world. VR is a completely immersive technology while AR is partly immersive. AR relies on the common mobile devices such as the smartphones and the tablets to accurately determine the position of the physical objects and determine where the virtual objects should be accurately placed.

Augmented Reality is still in the early stages of development but it has been in existence for some time now. Even though AR and VR still have a long way to go, there are current business opportunities that will ensure the growth of these technologies.

Applications of Augmented Reality

AR has so many features that make it more appealing than virtual reality. The main reason why the use of AR appears to be more successful is due to the partial immersion of the users while VR is more focused. VR can immerse the user completely into the virtual reality world making it appropriate for use in the gaming industry and the production of 3D films.

Research shows that AR can be used to grow the smartphone market. The opportunities offered by the augmented apps are so great.

How Augmented Reality is Being Used

The use of augmented reality is shaping commerce. Recent research showed that the active use of the augmented reality mobile applications would grow to around 2.2 billion mobile applications in 2019.


There are so many opportunities for the use of AR in the retail business. Before using AR, you need to make a decision whether you want to give your customers in-store or out of the store shopping experience. In-store experience means that the customers can make use of AR within the store. It is usually in the form of the virtual rooms where customers try out items within the store.  Out-of-store means that the customers do not need to leave their houses.  They can try out your items from the comfort of their houses through a mobile application.

Companies such as eBay Inc. have announced that they are developing the technology to make sure that the customers have a great shopping experience.

Real Estate

People use the internet when they are looking for new homes and apartments to rent. AR can make the customers experience the homes in a different way by filtering out the ones that they do not like and presenting them with what they like. It can also be used by the construction workers to make the blueprints so that their clients will know how their new houses will look like.

AR technology has the ability to disrupt different industries. As a business owner, you can look out for an app development company familiar with augmented reality in Dubai to know how you can integrate it into your business.

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