Apple to Release a Hardware Subscription

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Apple to Release a Hardware Subscription

Apple is planning to introduce a hardware subscription service for worldwide iOS users. The developers have been working on it for the past few years. And finally, it will be available for the latest iPhones. The service will allow the customers to buy iPhones through monthly payments. It works similarly to Apple’s iCloud service.

Apple’s investors wanted to sell its hardware as a subscription. However, the company earlier disagreed with this approach because developers thought users wouldn’t avail of a hardware subscription service. But, Apple received positive responses when they unveiled this service.

The hardware subscription will change the pattern of how customers buy iOS products. You no longer need to visit an Apple store to buy an iPhone. Instead, open the Apple site and choose the product that you want to purchase. Tap on “Subscribe” and select a monthly subscription plan. So, pay the monthly fee instead of an up-front cost or installments.

What is a Hardware Subscription?

Before getting the iPhone hardware subscription, you should know what it means. This Apple service lets you use the previous hardware and software. For instance, you no longer need to switch from iOS 14 to iOS 15 if you get the subscription.

Stick to the current iOS without installing the latest one. And contact iPhone Repair Dubai if you face software glitches. Moreover, the iPhone will get software updates and services. However, you need to make a recurring payment to avail of these services. Besides, you can even cancel the subscription service anytime you want.

What will be included in the iPhone Hardware Subscription Service?

Apple didn’t reveal what would be added to this new hardware subscription. But, the service may include regular upgrades at the end of 2022. Moreover, you might get new features in the latest iPhones in early 2023. iPhone users can manage the subscription from their Apple accounts.

Additionally, you need to link an online payment app with it. Then, you can add Apple Pay with the iPhone account. It is reliable, simple, and protected with end-to-end protection. This indicates users can continue through the process of a secured transaction. You don’t have to wait long to get a new iPhone model. Get the hardware subscription plan and pay the iPhone price later.

Why did Apple Decide to Release the Hardware Subscription Program for iPhones?

The hardware subscription service will boost Apple’s iPhone sales. It will give them a new aspect to increase the recurring revenue and stock price. Moreover, it could encourage more investors toward Apple products. Apple’s sales rose by 2%, trading from February to March 2022. This number will most likely increase in the future with hardware subscriptions.

The company offers numerous ways to pay for the iPhones every month. For example, it includes the “iPhone Upgrade Program,” allowing customers to make 12 payments. And, you can pay the monthly fee with the Apple card. However, this payment service is only available to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users.

Apple’s hardware subscription would be different from the “Upgrade Program.” Apple plans to add 24 months to this service instead of 12 months. And this could give the buyer more time to make the monthly payments. Besides, this new Apple service won’t be limited to iPhones. And it may cover more iOS products in the future.

When is Apple going to Introduce the iPhone Hardware Subscription Service?

Apple didn’t disclose when this service will be available because this hardware subscription project is still developing. However, you can expect it to be out by December 2022. Or, the developers might release it next year. Thus, you have to wait until Apple gives further updates about the service.

What Could be the iPhone Hardware Subscription Cost?

Apple focused on recurring payments in recent years. It offers several services with monthly fees, including Apple Music. Moreover, the subscription fee is available on Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus, which requires a monthly fee of $35 to use these services.

Though the hardware subscription pricing is unknown, it might vary depending on the iPhone model you use. For instance, it could take $35 per month for the iPhone 13 model. On the other hand, you need to pay a subscription fee of $45 for the iPhone 13 Pro. Furthermore, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is expected to cost $50 per month.

Who will be benefited from this new Apple Subscription Service?

The hardware subscription service will improve the user experience. It will let them lease their old devices and get new ones. Right now, only 20% of iPhone users upgrade their phones annually. Most consumers only buy a new iPhone when the existing one stops working.

An average iPhone user upgrades the device every three years because Apple products have become expensive. And, the majority of the users can’t afford the money to buy a new model. Thus, Apple debuted the iPhone hardware subscription program for them.

You no longer need to use the iPhone with a cracked screen. Instead, subscribe to the service from the App Store and sell or buy an iOS device. Additionally, you can get the subscription from Apple’s online store or the company’s site. As a result, it will drive more consumers to buy iPhones. And this will ultimately help Apple to make more money.

Is the Hardware Subscription Service available Only for iPhones?

Apple only revealed that iPhone users could avail the hardware subscription service. However, it might add more Apple products in the future. For example, you can expect to buy an Apple Watch using this service. Moreover, it can be available for major devices like the iPad and Apple TV.

The company had a preliminary discussion about adding hardware subscriptions to Apple One Bundles. For example, it might combine AppleCare so that the users get technical support. Moreover, the subscribers can check the nearby Apple retail stores. And you can fix the device from there when technical glitches occur in the future.

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Apple to Release a Hardware Subscription

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