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App Push Notifications: 5 reasons why it can boost ROI for E-Commerce

Mobile is a personal gadget of choice. It’s a device that offers the highest possible level of customization starting from the display to the apps that the user chooses to install. Given this level of personalization that a mobile commands, the app marketing space is more potent than ever before. It opens inroads that can enable you to be a key differentiator with more engaged users and increased mCommerce revenues through push notifications via app.

App messaging is an integral part of any app marketing strategy with a cohesive combination of push notifications and in app messaging. While in app messaging is targeted at a more prolonged user interaction, push notifications are a hot favorite since they are non-invasive and easy-to-implement. From a simple text message to a rich media format, push notifications have evolved to perform numerous functions such as displaying a crisp text message, playing a notification sound, providing actions that a user can take on the app, silently allowing the app to wake up in the background and perform a task.

So if you are putting together an app marketing strategy and thinking that those tiny push notifications through the app are no big deal, well! Big things come in small packages. Read on to know why those push notifications are really such a big deal.

#1: Connect with users when it really matters

Event based Push triggers can help eCommerce brands connect with users when it really matters. For example, Push notifications can be used to notify users about a flash sale, remind them about a product they have left behind in the cart, check-in with them when they’ve been inactive for a while.  About 35% users generally respond to drop-off triggers.

#2: Directly engage with users

Push notifications are a direct medium to engage with your users. They don’t get caught in spam filters or get buried in an inbox. Research shows that the click-through rate is twice as that of a traditional email. Push notifications can be either transactional or engagement oriented in nature. They can communicate anything from a purchase receipt to a sports match score to the latest news to a promotional offer depending on the nature of the app and business. In the long run, you can use it to promote your brand in an intelligent manner and create value.

#3: Cost   

In terms of cost, push notifications are the most preferred choice since they do not have any ad spends attached. And yet they allow you to build 1:1 contextual engagements that can eventually result in conversions.  For example, Push can be used to aid product discovery for a new-to-app user whereas it’s a cool retargeting tool when you are targeting drop-offs. With the right automation platform, Push Notifications can be tailored to reach the right user with the right message and at the right time.

#4: Opt-in/Opt-Out

The opt-in/opt-out feature of push notifications gives users total control over which apps send them notifications and may also let them specify what type of notifications they want to receive. This scores the push notifications far higher than the average text messages that are highly invasive and that often come unsolicited. The typical user is more comfortable receiving these messages and therefore, it is a great enabler for higher user subscriptions providing an opportunity to reach a bigger target audience.

#5: Personalization

Push notifications enable you to leverage personalization to create an enhanced user experience. User segmentation strategy goes a long way in segregating and targeting your users based on their activities, age, gender and other demographics. Rich Media Push Notifications allow you to include product images, name, and price for quick recall. That’s not all. With Rich Media Push you can recommend multiple products in a single Push. This feature is useful when you are using Push to target Category drop-offs where a combination of last seen products and look-alike products can be recommended to the user.

Go push messaging!

Push notification is a powerful channel to help you differentiate your app and grow your app business. The key is to treat it as a privilege and not a right; leverage it thoughtfully to change user perception about these notifications and watch your business grow! If you have this figured out, you are already leaps ahead of your competition! 

About the Author

Shiju Mathew is the VP of Mobile Products at Vizury, a company that provides a robust platform for mobile marketing automation and push notifications. He has over 13 years of rich experience in Product Management and Strategic Marketing in the digital world and has worked with companies such as Honeywell, Syncapse, Bosch prior to Vizury. He is passionate about trends in Internet technology and is a mobile marketing enthusiast.

App Push Notifications: 5 reasons why it can boost ROI for E-Commerce

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