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Technology is evolving after every passing day. There is something new every single day. After the invention of apps, everything has changed. They offer such an amazing user experience to all the clients.

It has even become better for companies who are selling products and services. Although, there are different operating systems that are supported by different mobile phones.

Thus, app developers need to make apps that are supported by all the operating systems.

Mobile app development companies are upgrading themselves after every passing day. They are adopting new skills to enhance the quality of the apps after every passing day. The technology of mobile app development is in demand because a lot of users are using smartphones. Also, users prefer mobile technology more.

Thus, if a business is not prioritizing the mobile app development step, they are surely losing a lot of business.

Also, the market is filled with different android users. This is because android phones come in a lot of different budgets. Thus, all kinds of people can afford it and so, they prefer to go for android. This is the main reason that a lot of people are forming an android app Development Company.

Companies which are focusing on developing new business strategies with the help of mobile apps and devices are seeing great profits. This new development has changed the whole scene of buying and selling different products and services. So, the new method is known as M-commerce.

What is M-commerce exactly?

It is alternatively known as Mobile Commerce as well. It basically refers to the simple act of using wireless smart devices for buying and selling goods and services. It actually enables different users to engage in performing different business activities from their device without having to actually appear in front of anyone.

Android app Development Company is adapting this particular trend for business for the next generation e-commerce purposes.

There are various benefits of integrating an app for a company. Businesses can promote brand awareness through that. The app will have a better interface and it is easier to order things and keep a track of those from there, for the clients.

At the same time, mobile app Development Company provides various prospects in consideration with the M-commerce industry. Some research reports suggest that 54% of retail commerce is done with the help of M-commerce applications. This is a big thing for the mobile app development company.

The different prospects in the M-commerce industry

The emerging technologies and their integration have provided vast scope for the M-commerce industry. The different interactions and services that it can provide includes:

  • Mobile location integration

This particular feature has enabled various options by further opening doors for location-based businesses and services. It is really beneficial for various enterprises and even giant businesses.

  • Mobile Banking

This particular feature and possibility have opened gates for so many banks. Also, the secured payment gateway has assured the clients of their pin safety. Hence, a lot of people have started buying various things online.

Apart from that, M-commerce has made banking cheaper and at the same time rapid. So, Android users have been shifting to this for their greater benefits.

  • Mobile Payment

This integration supports various payment methods. This is a great benefit for the customers. Almost all different apps add a different option of net banking, credit card, debit card, and even cash wallets. These concepts have actually boosted the M-commerce industry like never before.

  • Mobile Marketing

This feature has made it possible to provide incentives to the customers instantly. Businesses see profitable growth in their sales because of this. With apps, it is possible for app developers to provide instant vouchers and coupons to the clients which attract them to make enthralling purchases.

  • Booking for various entities

The technology has evolved so much that various industries can use this feature to provide service to their clients. It is possible for android app Development Company to add this feature for companies from the hospitality and tourism industry.

Booking a table at a restaurant, hotel room, cab and even booking movie tickets and concert tickets is possible with M-Commerce.

  • Healthcare on mobile

 A lot of different devices and apps have been developed for various healthcare purposes. Almost all need to be integrated with a smartphone or a particular app. However, keeping track of calories and measuring various body functions have been so easy because of all of this.

  • Real estate on mobile

The real estate industry has understood the importance of apps in today’s fast-paced world. Thus, even they have made proper use of the M-commerce industry by making it possible to rent, buy or sell a particular property.

Why Android app development for mCommerce industry and how is it transforming everything?

App developments are usually done on three various platforms namely, Android, iOS, and Windows. Although, Android is one system which has the highest number of users. Some of the reasons for this development are:

  • Vast Audience availability

Apple and Windows phones have a limited audience. Apple usually launches high end and premium phones. Thus, only some people prefer using it. On the other hand, Windows have their own limitations. It is an Android which offers various features at exciting prices.

Thus, 80% of the market has been captured by Android phones. In turn, android has captured M-commerce market too.

Backward support for the compatibility of M-commerce

M-commerce industry is open-source for android system devices. The reason for this development is the backward compatibility support which is provided by the android devices as well as the android operating systems too.

  • Affordability

This is the major reason behind android phones enhancing the whole M-commerce industry. They are surely cheaper compared to Apple devices. Also, they are available in a range of different price tags.

Thus, almost all kinds of target audience can be seen using an android device. This is the major reason for companies to develop and the android app so that they do not lose on a lot of customers.


The M-commerce industry is getting better and transforming itself through each phase. Android systems have a lot of capabilities in terms of app development and so, it is taking the M-commerce industry by storm.

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Android App Development is Transforming mCommerce