An Overview of the Different SAP Leonardo Components

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An Overview of the Different SAP Leonardo Components

Automation and digitization of business processes is the call of the hour. The digital platform levels the field by providing equal opportunities to new startups and well-established enterprises. So, if you are having a business or are planning to open one, digital solutions will come to your rescue.

When we think of digital innovation or digitization of business processes, SAP is one of the primary-level solutions that comes to our mind. The reason is their industry-standard solutions that have a wide acceptance, even by the most prominent industries.

In this article, we will be discussing the overview of one such product in specific, the SAP Leonardo.

SAP Leonardo is a collective term that refers to the most advanced technology integrated into businesses to improve productivity. These technologies involve IoT, Big Data, ML, AI, data analytics, and many more.

Why should one use SAP Leonardo in their businesses?

We know that modern problems require modern solutions, similarly making a business successful in this competitive market requires some cutting-edge solutions. There are many different ways the SAP Leonardo tools suite can be used to develop a growing business. The following are some of the key benefits that one can enjoy while using SAP Leonardo:

  • SAP Leonardo helps in integrating the most advanced technologies into existing business processes. This makes the system efficient and improves the productivity of the company. Many features such as data analytics and machine learning are used to properly understand the business and automate as many processes as possible.
  • SAP Leonardo features come at a very affordable price. A business does not have to use all features; they can choose a tailored package that will be enough to meet their needs.
  • Advanced analytics feature helps you track the company’s progress and predict the company’s performance in the upcoming times. In addition, they are equipped with intelligent features that suggest changes in their processes to get the best results. This also helps in predicting adverse conditions and allows the company to tackle those situations appropriately.

Components of SAP Leonardo and their Uses

SAP Leonardo is a collection of the most advanced tools that the current business industry uses. It has the latest features which allow it to make business processes intelligent and self-sufficient. Following are some of the few components that are available under SAP Leonardo:

  • Edge Computing – An edge processing device is a tool that deals with data generated by different sensors in an IoT network and transfers them securely to central storage. It is imperative as the sensors do not have any ability to transfer data, so edge computing is a doorway. Furthermore, a lot of data is produced by each sensor, and randomly dumping them in the central database can lead to a lot of chaos. So, the edge provides a way where much less energy is required, and the data gets accumulated a lot faster.
  • Foundation – Foundation is a tool that helps the company collect and work with a wide variety of data. Managing data from multiple sources is an arduous task, especially when they are all different types and not sorted. This is why SAP Leonardo Foundation is so important in a business scenario where an extensive IoT network is laid out, and data is something from all points in different processes. To make sense out of these data and to find a link between everything is a key task of the analytical system. Sorting the data helps complex machine learning algorithms to find out hidden patterns and then predict the outcome of the process.
  • SAP HANA Cloud – This is an in-memory database that is used by all cloud-based SAP tools. It allows efficient storage and retrieval of data at high speeds, which cannot be achieved using an on-premise storage system. SAP HANA Cloud also provides high-level data security, which enables the company to store sensitive data in this as well. This is a cheaper and better alternative to an on-premise storage system as no costly hardware is required, and the entire system is very flexible.
  • Applications – Leonardo applications are a way of making sure all the components are working together or not. It helps in maintaining harmony between the different processes while monitoring if the output is as desired or not. This level of automation also improves efficiency and lessens the chances of any error. A lot of factors like product insights, inventory management, market analysis are some areas that can be easily automated using SAP Leonardo applications.
  • SAP Leonardo Bridge – As the name suggests, the SAP Leonardo bridge helps bridge the gap between real-time scenarios and the ongoing business processes. Bridge ensures that the business systems are made aware of all the changes happening in real-time so that there is no delay in actions. Without a bridge, there will be a massive time gap, and it will not be possible for the company to carry out tasks efficiently. Furthermore, it can be easily implemented to the existing dashboard, and all the controlling can be done from there onwards.


As it can be seen, SAP Leonardo is potent equipment for improving business processes for better efficiency. Moreover, many SAP consulting services are available to guide you in fast-tracking your business by utilizing the latest technologies.

The journey today is different, so should be the solutions! So choose for nothing but the best with SAP Leonardo for your organization’s growth story.

An Overview of the Different SAP Leonardo Components

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