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Amazon is becoming the Google for eCommerce

There is no doubt that Google has been a prominent search engine that people approach to search for anything online, either it is some product, service or a piece of information, for two decades. Bing is supposed to be next. But, nowadays, there is a shift when you have to purchase some product. The preference of a large number of people is Amazon when they are required to buy any product online or to know about some product. Even if the individuals are going to buy a product offline, they search on Amazon to compare. I would like to bring forward how this shift is making Amazon the new Google for E-commerce purposes.

When it comes to search engines, the name of Google is taken at the first place, and when you need the alternative, Microsoft’s Bing is the name that comes in the mind. But, have you ever wondered that Amazon, the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, is becoming the Google for e-commerce.


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There are a large number of buyers of various products, for whom Amazon is the first preference. Instead of searching Google or Bing, they directly like to visit Amazon and order the product. Amazon is the platform, which has become the next name of trust for the purchasers of any product from any part of the world. This platform also has the excellent return policies in case you don’t like the product or there is any deficiency in the product.

But, the above-mentioned facts include the things that anybody can understand via estimates. Let’s have a look at the data of some market giants.

Some Researches by Market Giants Which Show Amazon Is Competing with Google

According to esellerscafe, 55% of consumers search Amazon first when they have to buy the product online, and 58% of U.S. consumers turned to Amazon when they had the poor experience with some other retailers’ websites. The six-part series report of Bloomberg has been referred to in this report.

As per another article of esllerscafe, Google is of course still a number one platform with 85% searches for the products, and it is followed by Amazon with 72% of searches. But, you can observe yourself that this difference is not very big. In fact, Amazon is not initially a search engine, but still, it is in the competition is the world’s biggest search engine.

Apart from this, there is a myriad of reasons, which can be considered for accepting the fact that Amazon is becoming Google for e-commerce. Let’s see what the reasons are due to which shoppers are shifting to Amazon to use it as a research tool for the products.

Why People Are Shifting to Amazon to Research for the Products to Buy

  1. Company’s Large Inventory and Product Availability

The primary thing, which makes it a major product search engine, is large inventory and the product availability of the company. When you visit Amazon, first you see the list of the trendy products of the market. In the menu, you find the option named “Departments” where you can see a huge range of products. Amazon was prominently a book store when it was started in 1994. It was a prominent platform, which started the trend of reading the e-books via its Amazon Kindle. But, with the passage of time, it made a huge market of all types of products. Now, you can get from the small household products to the big technological items.

Currently, it is hard to find the products, which are not available on Amazon. And, you have no need to search for the products manually by going into the “departments” section if you have to buy a specific product. If you know the product you want to buy, or you have an idea about the product, then you are just required to search for it in the search box in the same way you do on Google.

  1. You Get Relevant Product on Amazon

Google is not an e-commerce platform, and you do not just get the products when you search on it. For example, if you are searching for the headphones, you get a lot of things in Google search results such as the articles & blog posts on headphones with their technical aspects, reviews of different headphones, and of course the headphones for sale.

This is true that this is a wonderful thing for those who need the information. But, when you are required to search the products for buying, many of these search results may be irrelevant to you. On the other hand, the products you find through Google may not be according to the quality that you need.

But, when you search on Amazon, you get the results filtered for above-mentioned things, which may not be relevant for you at the time of buying. When you search for products on Amazon, you only get the products, and the sellers of Amazon have to follow some guidelines about authenticity and quality.

Therefore, this is a place where the consumers get what they want in the less time as compared to Google. This is one of the prominent reasons why Amazon is the tough competitor of Google when it comes to e-commerce.

  1. Amazon Attracts Consumers’ Reviews

Amazon is also a good source to get the customers’ reviews about the products. So, you are not required even to trust Amazon blindly for the products, and you can read these reviews before taking the final decision about buying the product.

These reviews are sometimes considered as more authentic as compared to the reviews you get from the reviews you directly get from Google. Because, these reviews directly target the quality products, which you are going to purchase.

  1. Good Search Algorithm of Amazon

One more reason for people’s inclination towards Amazon is its wonderful search algorithm. Let’s have a look at Amazon’s algorithm first:

  • Amazon has the algorithm with iterative search formula, which scans, reads and analyzes data on Amazon marketplace, and it takes action based on that. The Amazon search algorithm is almost a type of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The relevance factors are identified based on shoppers’ past traffic activity. It tells the website of Amazon how to tailor the search results, based on the interests of the consumers. Here tailoring refers to pulling, scoring and ordering.

This is all that the Amazon algorithm offers the users. The algorithm is the aspect, which provides the filtered and relevant search results to the buyers.

  1. Many People Consult Amazon Even for Offline Purchase

As we all know that Google is also used for comparing the products when someone has to buy something offline. Due to a big trust of people on Amazon, this trend has been started on this platform also.

As a matter of the fact, a large number of internet users like to compare the products on Amazon first, and then go for buying them offline.

To Sum Up

The facts mentioned above show that Amazon’s algorithm, facility to search the relevant & authentic products, and mammoth volume of products of all categories has made it an e-commerce search engine. It has become a specialized search engine for the e-commerce purpose, i.e., for buying the products online as well as for comparing them before going to offline purchase.

So, it is not difficult to understand how Amazon has become a perfect competitor of Google in the present scenario.

Shubham is working with Canbayinc, New Jersey SEO company, as Digital Marketing Officer. He loves to write helpful information related to SEO and social media, best practices and tactics on a regular basis. He is passionate about football and loves to get some dust off his boots whenever free.

Amazon is becoming the Google for eCommerce

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