All you need to know about Adobe Commerce Cloud

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All you need to know about Adobe Commerce Cloud

What is Adobe Commerce Cloud?

In May 2018, Adobe purchased Magento Inc. as the precursor of Adobe Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Magento Commerce Cloud. The Adobe Commerce functionality and Adobe Commerce support available for this enterprise-level eCommerce platform are well documented and extremely extensive. It also allows for customization and interaction with other services to ensure a frictionless experience.

The Adobe Commerce platform is strong, robust, secure, and scalable to adapt to your needs as your business grows. You can sell and manage stores of various brands, locations, and currencies to B2C and B2B customers using Adobe.

With Adobe Commerce Cloud, all the store’s data is hosted on the cloud, allowing retailers to access the database and operate their stores from anywhere in the world without worrying about losing their computer data.

Features of Adobe Commerce Cloud

Here are some of the features that you get with Adobe Commerce Cloud:


Site performance is a crucial factor in a good user experience. Google HATES slow websites; they even significantly affect your ranking. Therefore, keeping your website loading time no more than 1.5 seconds is preferred. Adobe Commerce Cloud helps you in this aspect by collaborating with Fastly IO (Image Optimizer) on Fastly CDN (Content Delivery Network). This helps drastically reduce website load time by increasing page speed while minimizing image size.


A lot of enterprise-level eCommerce platforms have kept their pricing private. Adobe Cloud followed suit and kept its pricing private and negotiable as well. It depends on your AOV (Average Order Value) and annual GMV (Gross Merchandising Value).


Whenever setting up Adobe Cloud, prior experience in coding is necessary. As a result, dealing with this initial setup is difficult for those who are not tech-savvy or familiar with coding.

Setting up your storefront will be considerably easier after your store is completely installed.

You may set up payment, add items, choose themes and extensions to suit your store’s requirements, and then you’re locked, ready, and loaded to sell. To make matters easier, Team Adobe also provides users with a thorough step-by-step guide on how to use Adobe Commerce Cloud.


Keeping the data of your users and customers safe is a primary concern for eCommerce store owners. But keeping that data safe is easier said than done. Adobe Cloud is a Level 1 PCI-certified Solution Provider. This enables retailers to utilize Adobe’s PCI Attestation of Compliance to aid and speed up their PCI Certification Process.

Using security scanning, you can keep an eye on your sites and get alerts about security issues, malware, and unauthorized access. In addition, you can be sure that your security defenses on your Adobe / Magento website development are kept up to date against current and emerging attacks thanks to Adobe’s vibrant worldwide developer community. In short, your store is safe and secure if you’re using Adobe.


Although the quality of your product has a big impact on customer loyalty and retention, it doesn’t always lead to acquisition. First and foremost, your entire site needs to meet your SEO goals to receive the most organic traffic, and Adobe is an eCommerce platform capable of handling the job. In addition, using extra plugins in Adobe can help boost your ranking even more.

Cross-Channel Content Management

To deliver content more quickly, the Adobe Cloud manager offers an AI-powered content management system (CMS) built on a scalable, adaptable, and secure cloud-native platform. As a result, you can produce content for any customer and channel with Adobe Commerce Cloud!


Adobe Commerce Cloud supports the customer’s journey to meet a customer’s demands precisely. Customers also appreciate customization and personalization, and businesses can utilize Adobe to carry over consumer experiences across time.

The AI and machine learning capabilities of Adobe Sensei employ unified customer profiles to build tailored experiences for each customer based on known and unknown consumer features from various data sources, regardless of how many customers or stores you have.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Adobe Commerce Cloud employs dotdigital’s email marketing service to inform consumers about their abandoned carts. In addition, Adobe Commerce Cloud for eMerchants offers options for customer email series and guest email series.

Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email, which gives them more detailed information and statistics on consumers’ behavior, like many other extensions, can be used by store owners to help step up their game.

Campaign Execution

Campaign Execution
Campaign Execution

Based on Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Commerce Cloud has several enhanced capabilities that support marketing tactics using Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS). What will be backed by your campaign is as follows:

Centralized Workflow Management

You can significantly boost the efficiency and scalability of your marketing campaigns by speeding up everything from segment formation to message preparation and dissemination.

Tailored email marketing

Your emails can be customized and contextually appropriate to complement the rest of the consumer experience throughout the customer’s journey.

Holistic client experience

With customer data management, you will get a holistic view of your customers, enabling you to quickly and efficiently create tailored marketing campaigns.

Management of inventory and orders

Adobe Commerce Cloud guarantees real-time product inventory availability and visibility to meet customers’ expectations across all channels.

Store Fulfillment

Fulfillment helps complete the customer journey holistically by enabling customers to select the best option from various channels. You can then sell and complete it from wherever. There are several flexible, practical, and economical distribution options.

Adobe Commerce Cloud enables customers to purchase on any device or channel and select how they want their orders delivered because all your products are available online. With options like buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, and more, fulfillment is a snap.

Amazon Integration

A complimentary Adobe Commerce Cloud add-on is Amazon Sales Channel. With the help of this free add-on, merchants can easily distribute and sell goods on Amazon, the biggest online marketplace in the world, right from the comfort of their own Adobe Magento store.

What you’ll receive:

    • Frictionless Integration
    • Intelligent pricing
    • Listing management
    • Fulfillment management
    • B2B Wholesale pricing

With high availability, scalability, and top performance provided by high-speed content delivery network (CDN) technology, allowing you to offer the experience your customers want. You may focus on boosting sales and growing your business rather than worrying about the functionality of your website.

Point of Sale

Adobe Commerce Cloud is integrable with a variety of sophisticated POS systems, which allows merchants to keep track of their inventory in real-time, and in turn, helps provide business owners cross-channel discounts and customer incentives to their customers as well as making it easier for them to return items and pick them up in-store.

B2C, B2C & B2B2C

Adobe Commerce Cloud also offers multi-channel commerce for B2B and B2C as a singular platform while providing a consistent customer experience far beyond fulfillment and retention.

You can specify purchase order approval procedures, manage your customer’s credit online through a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, and track quotes and orders using Adobe Commerce Cloud while performing day-to-day administrative tasks.

Analytics and Reporting

Adobe Commerce Cloud boasts an exclusive Site-Wide Analysis tool that allows you to track all your store’s data, monitor performance in real-time, and help improve your Adobe Cloud Infrastructure by providing insights and recommendations you can use to secure its integrity and viability.

Mobile Commerce

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are revolutionizing how consumers use their smartphones by offering users a speedy, interesting, and consistent app-like browsing experience across multiple devices. Designing, deploying, and optimizing Progressive Web Apps can be done swiftly and affordably with the help of PWA studio from Adobe Commerce Cloud (PWAs). With it, you can give your clients a next-generation purchasing experience.

Themes & Extension

With Adobe Cloud, you can access over 3700 themes and extensions for Content & Customizations, Accounting & Finance, Payments & Security, Reporting & Analytics, Shipping & Fulfillment, Sales & Marketing, Site Optimization, and Customer Support to help streamline your business operations and improve efficiency.

Online and Offline Payments

With Adobe Cloud’s Payment Services, retailers can integrate PCI-compliant online and offline payment solutions and gateways, such as COD (cash on delivery), checks, and PayPal, to create a frictionless checkout process and enhanced digital experience.

Scalable Support

Adobe Cloud comes equipped with a centralized data warehouse system on the cloud that ensures all your store data is safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere. Adobe Cloud also boasts an extensive Community and additional support resources from Adobe itself.

And more…

Why Choose Adobe Cloud?

So to summarize, Adobe Commerce Cloud is a robust eCommerce platform with exceptional features that can meet all the needs of an eCommerce store owner. It contains various unique features, including Order Management for Adobe Commerce (MCOM), Support Tools, Action Logs, Site-Wide Analysis Tool, and Private Sales Reports, that all work together to enhance your store’s performance while simultaneously helping drive sales.

What’s there not to like about Adobe Commerce Cloud? After reading this blog, if you’re looking to invest in Adobe Commerce Cloud, we recommend getting in touch with an Adobe Commerce Development Company and help clear up any questions about Adobe Commerce.

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