AI and Digital Marketing: How to Transform the Way Your Teams Do Marketing in 2021

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The customer-centric approach to marketing campaigns has one stringent rule: be where your customer is. However, just being close is no longer enough; it is important to apply new technologies and strategies to gain customer trust and loyalty. And this is how Artificial Intelligence helps in this.

5 Tips on How to Adopt Innovations in Digital Marketing to Your Business Needs

AI gained widespread popularity and established itself as a reliable assistant in doing business just a few years ago. Nevertheless, it has already managed to show excellent results in a short time, which led to a significant increase in investment in research, development, and implementation of AI solutions in marketing.

  1.   Delegate Research and Analysis

The main goal of AI-based tools is to free your employees from the boring and time-consuming work of analyzing a huge amount of data about your customers’ preferences, their main differentiators, hobbies, etc. Algorithms can process data several hundred times faster than any person, collect data, and display the results obtained in convenient tables and diagrams. This allows marketers to focus more on designing appropriate campaigns and ways to improve customer engagement. Implement AI and ML business solutions to give your company a competitive edge and reach customers faster.

  1.   Let them talk

Few people can be surprised by an AI chatbot that answers basic questions or replaces an entire FAQ page. This is a great way to offload support, cut costs, and automate processes. While the trends in voice search are still controversial, this option is gaining popularity, especially among younger consumers. Adapt your support system to voice searches. Also, the AI voice search function can be implemented for the main search on the platform. This is your investment for the future. Keep in mind that not all options can be immediately greeted with customers’ enthusiasm, but it is better to be ahead of the times than to fall behind the industry leaders.

  1.   Enjoy Diversity

Personalized recommendations for products and services that may be interesting to customers based on their website or application user journey increase conversions and profits. With the help of AI solutions, these recommendations can be made even more convenient and accurate. To make a truly accurate recommendation, too many factors to consider are difficult to analyze simultaneously and quickly. AI tools can do it in a matter of seconds, taking into account even the smallest details. And so, you increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, in addition to growing income.

  1.   Change, Adapt, Transform

Along with the overall beneficial impact on business, AI implementation can make a big difference in performance. Tracking consumer preferences is only a small part of the capabilities of modern AI solutions. So, you can use ML algorithms to improve your site or application based on the user journey analysis. You will find out where the customer has problems, how to make the design more engaging and convenient, why the customer puts products in the cart but does not complete the purchase. AI will track the consumer’s actions, collect data, and display statistics that can be used as a measuring scale for the platform’s effectiveness and work in general.

  1.   Make Ad Digital and Fun

Nobody likes annoying commercials, even if they have their favorite celebrity on the screen. But promotion is a stubborn thing that requires making a product or service visible to the consumer, and advertising is the best tool. So study your consumer – that is, let the AI ​​algorithms do it for you – and design engaging, short, and interactive ads for clients. It can be a clickable banner game, after which everyone will receive a personalized offer (or discount), or add augmented reality to artificial intelligence and get something unique and stunning.

Feel free to experiment and introduce new technologies to empower your business. What worked yesterday will become an obsolete strategy tomorrow and leave you far behind. Investments in disruptive technologies are essential to maintain market leadership, generate more profits, or achieve incredible results quickly.

Would you mind sharing your opinion in the comments: which of the following uses of AI have already been adopted in your company? Which of the ways are you ready to implement today, and what still worries you?

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