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The good news is that you do not need to have a huge budget to sell your product online. You can do online marketing with unlimited marketing resources. There are many marketing strategies that you can use in your business to make some really big moves. If you are really serious about your growing business, you must be saving some of your revenue and some of your sales; put some revenue aside to invest back into your business. With marketing and advertising, it can help you reach those next levels in generating revenues. There are a lot of affordable and low price marketing strategies that can be used


It is free so there is no reason why you should not be blogging. So the reason you should be blogging is; one content lives forever which means you write one piece of content and you can continue to drive traffic to your website forever. It gives you something that you can post on social media, you can email out to your subscribers and if you are blogging strategically, you can use your blog for highlighting your products and services and you can take it onto next step. Make sure you have opportunities for your blog readers to give an email address so you can collect them as a lead and then continue to market them in the future. Because blogging is free, there is no reason why you should not be using it. It can always be an asset you can use to promote your business.


It is search engine optimization. It means you want to optimize all your content, so you could be found on search engines but here is some additional thing that I want you to remember which is going to help you to be found through the search engines. By optimizing your content, buyers putting it out on interwebs; you are going to allow the search engine and social networks to help you to be found way faster. Use keywords and phrases that you want to be found for online.  There is also SMO; Social Media Optimization. And the same thing goes with the SMO. Optimize your website and your social media with keywords that you want to be found for online.


If you ever heard marketers say in the past what is the one thing you can back in the past and do over? They say I would start building my e-mail list. So, there is a lot of value in growing e-mail list. If you are looking for an option then “mail chimps” is totally free. So you can actually start email marketing by creating a free account and start growing an e-mail list right up now.


You have to be on social media. It is non-negotiable now. It is really important to figure out which social media you want to be on to promote your business.  The first thing you want to do is make sure you know the options available to you.  Identify the channels that are going to be most effective for you. So you have to test the platforms to see what really the response is and then see where you are getting best results and once you find out, be consistent on that platform. 80% of the time, you will be promoting valuable content for your fans; giving promotional deals, coupons, vouchers, promotional codes and 20% of the time you will be promoting your business.


Customer love sales and coupons. To play with the psyche of your consumer, Offering coupons with psychological pricing is a must. Once you start offering coupons and vouchers to your customers, you can get extra content to send to your mailing list. Your visitor shares those deals at their social handles plus you can ask the coupon and voucher sites to add your deals and coupons at their website which will definitely affect your Google organic rankings plus and an increase in brand image.


Content is anything you put in front of potential customers you have that could be your blog post, your social media post but video marketing is very common these days and all of the social networks are right now slowly adopting live videos. This is the way they keep people on their platforms engaging. It is a really powerful thing you can be used again and again and it is. So you could be essentially creating videos using the platform that is video friendly to really hope to find people, build relationships, collect leads and continue to offer product and services.


Digital Marketing Strategies by Understanding eCommerce

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