Affiliate Summit East 2021

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Affiliate Summit East – eCommerce just saw a decade’s worth of growth in 2020. Ad costs are at an all-time high, acquisition costs have increased by 50%, and AOVs have stayed the same. So you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I reach and convert buyers in the most competitive retail environment ever?”  The answer? You attend ASE21. New York, NY; Jul 19-20, 2021

  • Want to know how to scale your business? ASE will have 20+ strategic sessions so that you can learn how to scale your ad campaigns, boost customer retention, optimize your landing pages, improve your customer experience, and much MUCH more.
  • Want to find the best tech and solutions? The ASE Meet Market will offer you networking that can’t be beaten. You are guaranteed to leave having met and created partnerships with leading affiliates, networks, and solution providers to help you hit your business goals.
  • Want to do all of this quickly? All of the content and networking at ASE is JAM-PACKED into just two days. You’ll be able to learn and network with companies that can help you fast-track your business growth, all in one place.

Why Attend?

  • IF… YOU NEED TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS So if you’re in eCommerce or an affiliate – everything just got a lot harder. Competition for eyeballs and wallets is fierce. And it’s not getting any easier. The good news? ASE21 will have an agenda designed to help you grow your business in the most competitive online environment EVER. We’ll have sessions that will help you nail killer niches, optimize for mobile, increase your ROAS, create winning SEO strategies, maximize social and influencer marketing, and much, MUCH more!
  • IF… YOU NEED LEADS (AND NETWORKING!) We’re ready to BRING IT in terms of networking at ASE. So if you need leads… then you’ve come to the right place. At ASE21, you’ll be surrounded by 1,500 affiliates, eCommerce businesses, networks, and tech suppliers… and every single attendee is looking to create new partnerships to help grow their business. And this year, we’ve extended the Meet Market to TWO DAYS instead of 6 hours, so you’ve got even more time to create partnerships that matter.
  • IF… YOU’RE AN AFFILIATE If you’re an affiliate and looking to grow your business through partnerships, then attending #ASE21 is a MUST. You’ll meet advertisers and networks from every single vertical from across the globe. And to make the decision that much easier for you… you can get your affiliate pass FOR FREE. All you need to do is fill out the affiliate application form… but hurry! Free passes are limited and get snapped up quickly! The affiliate pass application deadline is Friday, June 25

Affiliate Summit East 2021

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