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Advantages of Advertising on Social Media

A Social Ad is an advertisement that is published through social media ad platforms. They usually contain a title, a description and some multimedia resource that accompanies them (image, video, infographics etc.). In all cases, it is recommended that within that description there is a call to action that calls the user’s attention and invites him to interact with the company, the product, or the service. Ads on social networks can be published in different formats according to the social media in which they are advertised.

Although there are different formulas to create an ad, they are not too far from the way in which advertising is done in search engines. The main differences lie in the fact that the public is registered in the network and that greater branding can be generated by being associated with a specific company page within the social network.

Advantages of Using Ads on Social Networks

More and more companies and entrepreneurs are creating a marketing strategy that includes ads on social networks. However, some entrepreneurs still resist. This is mainly due to ignorance of the advantages of this type of advertising. Some of the most relevant ones are specified in the following list:

  • Price: The cost of Social Ads is really low compared to other advertising methods. In this sense, a part of the budget can be allocated to these means, achieving very good results without triggering the cost;
  • Scope: Advertising in social media allows having a great reach. That means that you will reach a large number of potential customers improving your conversion rate
  • Segmentation: The ads in social networks allow, with respect to other media, a great segmentation. That means that if you sell a very specific product or service, you can only reach those users with certain characteristics of sex, age, socioeconomic conditions, located in a specific site, or who speak a particular language. These are just some of the variables that will allow you to identify your target specifically
  • Brand Visibility: Virtually everyone is on social media. If a company uses the ads to advertise in these media, it significantly increases its brand notoriety in the market
  • User Experience & Loyalty: The social network advertising is generally associated with a brand that has its own profile in said medium. This allows the communication with the potential customer to be greater, and that a specific service channel can be created that improves the image that people have of the company, and increases sales by loyalty to those who are already customers.
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Well-known Social Media Advertising Platforms

Although it is known as Social Ads to any ad that is published on social networks, depending on the social media you choose, the way you advertise will be different. Here we show you the most common platforms:

  • Facebook: Advertising on Facebook allows you to reach the largest community of users on the Internet. There are currently 1.5 billion active profiles. Although the basic requirements are a title and an advertisement, the possibilities are endless. You can advertise your website or your page. You can do it only on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or third-party apps and sites. There are several types of ads according to the objective you want in your company and you can also set different metrics to measure the effectiveness of the campaign: clicks, interaction, conversions, sales etc.
  • LinkedIn: On LinkedIn, there is the possibility of advertising advertisements (whether they are text or multimedia formats), or disseminate promoted news. It is necessary to define a title, as well as identify the target you want to reach with your advertising. In addition, you can indicate if you want users to access your company’s website or your LinkedIn business page.
  • Twitter: Advertising on Twitter is executed with the intention of increasing the reach of tweets of a company, as well as improving the interaction with the messages it publishes. Companies that advertise on Twitter pay under a system called cost per interaction. That means that it is only invoiced when the user actually interacts with the tweet. The interactions can be a sharing, an RT, a favorite etc. In this social media, there are different types of the campaign according to the objectives you intend to achieve.
  • Instagram: In this social network the ads are really simple. Each of them is accompanied by a sign with the notice of “Advertising” to indicate to the users that it is a sponsored content. At the same time, the “More information” tab is also included. By clicking on it, you can directly access the advertiser’s website. The company that advertises on Instagram can show advertising only to users who indicate a Like on Facebook, based on the accounts that are followed in the social network of the images, or in relation to the search history of the device. Currently, Instagram has 600 million registered users.
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Advantages of Advertising on Social Media


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