Additional Features of Windows VPS hosting

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Additional Features of Windows VPS hosting

VPS or virtual private server hosting the companies to upgrade the basic hosting options.

VPS hosting can combine the benefits of shared hosting and Dedicated hosting and rapidly become a popular service in a short time.

Multiple Windows VPS hosting providers are available in the market, so it will be very difficult to choose the best and Affordable Windows VPS hosting providers.

Windows VPS runs on a unique operating system from Microsoft called Window servers. It is especially popular that VPS allows the users to a server that they do whatever they like.

Testing and the development of the software offer efficiency and practicality. There are many services provided by Windows VPS hosting.

To choose the best Windows VPS plan, we have to know how many services they provide and which providers can give additional features in windows VPS hosting.


  • Virtual Desktop: Using Windows VPS, multiple applications can host. Every user can able to create a unique and personalized virtual Desktop. It appears like the normal desktop on a regular computer. As a result, the company has earned a profit because they use it as a dumb terminal to help them save their money. The reason is behind doing this is that now we no need to use the desktop computer high and high power configuration computer.
  • Mail servers: One of the most common usages of Windows VPS is Email servers. one of the main benefits is that it provides the users direct control over the various email services. So in return for it providing a safe email environment, many high-profile companies use VPS as their Mail Server.
  • For Web hosting: The common usage of Windows VPS is to host websites. Shared hosting does not allow the software to be installed and customized without an administrator go-ahead. Unlike Windows VPS, the user can get full control over the server and install any software and Application they like. That is beneficial because it increases user visibility and friendliness.
  • To host Application: Another use of Windows VPS is to host multiple popular Applications on Windows devices. For Example, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and office are hosted on VPS.

The Additional features of Windows VPS hosting:

  • Choice of Email server: In this, the team of experts will install the mail server for you. You can choose multiple editions with any plan. VPS hosting can quickly store the information from different places whenever you purchase a VPS server based on the preferred operating system.
  • Choice of the control panel: To automate the provisioning of a full suite of website hosting services, we offer SolidCP and Plesk panels with all VPS plans.
  • Additional Resources: During the signup or at any point in time, you can always add them as required if you are looking for additional resources for your VPS.
  • Easily scalable: All our VPS plans are easily scalable. You can upgrade to the next level anytime you wish. In addition, all your data will remain intact during the upgrade process.
  • Choice of Databases: Many Windows VPS hosting providers offers free installation and set up of SQL Server Express edition and MySQL.SQL available at different prices charged by different WIndows VPS providers.
  • Hosting Server Location: many Windows VPS providers have their servers in multiple locations, so that’s why it will be very convenient for customers to launch their VPS plan in the available location nearest to their target audience.
  • Choice of the operating system: we can select the OS from Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012.

These are the general plans as the same the different hosting providers can provide their plans, but all are not the same.
Latest ASP.Net, .Net Core, PHP: many Windows VPS install and set up the latest ASP.Net and PHP for customers for completely free. For Example, AccuWeb Hosting Windows VPS providers.

Cheap Windows VPS servers are affordable, and they give the absolute administrative control and flexibility to host the website and online application. So it’s become the most popular and usable hosting solution for small and big online organizations.

VPS Server is most trustable, and in any condition, it will provide more layers to control the hosting resources.

Additional Features of Windows VPS hosting

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