Acquire a License for eCommerce Trading in Ajman Free Zone

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Ajman is the smallest of all the emirates present in UAE. Being established in 1988, it has made quite a huge success irrespective of its area. Because of the geographical location of the Ajman free zone, both the eastern as well as western markets get served greatly. In this way, it plays a great role in developing the commercial areas in Ajman over a number of years.

The business licenses in Ajman Free Zone are issued by Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA). This means that if you want to go for a business set up in Ajman, you will have to register your company through AFZA.

Acquiring a Business License in Ajman Free Zone

For the company formation in Ajman free zone, a business license is mandatory as per the rules and regulations in Ajman. selecting the type of business activity is the first and the formats step that should be taken while registering the company. After that, the company has to decide its legal structure and trade name.

Options to choose from for obtaining a business license in Ajman:

  1. National industrial license

Following are the requirements that should be fulfilled for obtaining the national industrial license;

  • First of all, it must be registered with GCC
  • Secondly, 51% of shares of the company should be possessed by GCC national sponsor
  • Thirdly, 40% of the manufacturing of the product should be carried out in the free zone

Companies having the national industrial license should pay the duty-free customs fee to the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council member states

  1. Trade license

For carrying out the trading activities, the trade license in Ajman free zone should be obtained

  1. Industrial license

Free zone companies who want to get indulged in the manufacturing activities should obtain the industrial license

  1. Professional license

Forgiving professional services to the individuals in Ajman free zone, the professional license should be obtained from the authorities

  1. E-commerce license

For those looking forward to setting up online businesses in Ajman, an E-commerce license is the best one. This is because it provides a number of facilities including that of the marketing and technical support as well.

E-Commerce License

Because of the increasing number of online businesses in the market, the eCommerce license has been issued for the facilitation of the online business entrepreneurs. By acquiring an e-commerce license, the company will be allowed to grow in the online business world.

Priory, the companies had to get the trade license even for e-commerce activities but now, to their ease, the e-commerce license has been issued for helping such businesses in treating with different ifs and buts of the business effectively.

Due to the increasing potential of online businesses in UAE, it has become the need of the time to facilitate the online business owners in their own unique ways.

While keeping in mind the exclusive needs of online business owners, more convenient and effective platforms are being made in order to allow the easy transaction and cash flow.

Acquire a License for eCommerce Trading in Ajman Free Zone

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