A Trip Back in Time: My 7 Link Challenge

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A Trip Back in Time: My 7 Link Challenge

I was browsing Marian Schembari’s blog (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should do so – her blog is filled with social media and blogging tips) when I came across her post Let’s Do the Time Warp: My 7 Link Challenge. In the post, she mentions how she got the idea of the 7 Link Challenge from Stanford’s post 4 My Tweeps on the blog Pushing Social (a blog all about social media), who got his idea from the post Take the 7 Link Challenge Today on ProBlogger.

The 7 Link Challenge is where you create a blog post consisting of 7 links, sharing with your readers a little more about you and the history of your blog. It’s just a fun activity, and I figured I’d join in and do the 7 Link Challenge with you all since I hadn’t participated yet.

Before I move on, I must say that Marian’s 7 Link Challenge post was encouraging and, in a way, inspired this one. It was also interesting to see how Marian’s social media career took off from the very beginning and continued to grow with her throughout her blogging career.

I hope this post shares a bit about me as well.

1. My First Post-Project Payday Review: Earn Extra Income Online

At the time, this blog was created so that I could share my money findings. I had just joined a site called Project Payday. I had started my journey as a freebie trader, completing offers on various freebie websites and recruiting/paying referrals to do the same. I would then make about $50 in profit a month (minus referral payments) for the referrals that completed offers under me on the freebie websites. My referrals would receive a portion (usually 50%) of my earned money.

This review describes everything there is to know about freebie trading, with links to tutorials I had written about the different methods of making money with this opportunity. I’m still an active freebie trader today and make about $100 to $300 (in profit) a month by recruiting referrals and paying them to complete offers under me on Anything4Free (a trading forum). However, this post was created when I first realized that I could make real money on the Internet. Since creating this post, I have actively worked to diversify my income streams online, discovered my writing passion, and followed my dreams.

Freebie trading was one of my first means of online income after eHow, and it was then I wanted to share my income journey so that others could benefit as well. But, of course, this blog grew into so much more than just an income blog. Over the months since I first created this blog, I discovered my passion for writing and then turned Cash Campfire into a resource for freelance writers and entrepreneurs alike.

2. The Post I Enjoyed Writing the Most  – Setting Up Your Dream Lifestyle: How to Prepare for the Life You Want

Hands down, this was the post I enjoyed writing the most. This post was where I shared my dreams and ambitions, where I hoped my writing career would land me five years down the road and how I hoped to achieve my dreams. In this post, I envisioned my future and how I would live if I just worked a little harder and reached a little bit deeper inside myself. I also shared how you could achieve your unique dreams as well.

This post was meant to inform, but it was also meant to inspire. It took me hours to write, and I loved every second of writing it.

3. The Post with the Greatest Discussion  – 10 Practical Ways to Make a Living Online

I outdid myself on this one. This was both the most painful post I’ve ever written and the post that generated the most discussion. It was primarily painful because of the length and depth I went into writing it. It took me two full days to write it (literally two days – hours of writing), and adding the images themselves was a lot of work since I had to find each image, crop them, upload them on this site, and add them to the post.

This post originally consisted of over ten listed items, but I broke it into two posts after a number of people suggested doing so. At one point, I also had over 18 items listed in the post altogether, though I got rid of some of the items listed at the last second. Also, I originally had the listed items in alphabetical order (with the images already in place), so when I received feedback that it would be better to rearrange them according to importance, I had to delete images and find new images that would flow well with each listed item (since I only wanted an image displayed after ever another item).

I don’t believe I ever spent as much time writing a post as I did writing this one. I wanted to create a truly amazing resource for readers that gave an array of suggestions in which they could make a living off of the Internet, and I think it showed. I received over 30 comments (including my replies)! At the time, I was only getting two comments a post, so 30 was mind-boggling. I can’t even describe how happy I was. All week I had a smile on my face – and a few times, I was jumping around like a maniac.

Though it took me a lot of work writing this post, it was way worth it – just because of all the awesome responses I received (thanks to those who responded!).

4. A Post I Wish I’d Written  – A General Theory of Productivity

This post is just so awesome. Charlie, the author of the blog Productive Flourishing, describes productivity in great detail, which truly inspired and motivated me to work. After reading Charlie’s post, I spent hours planning my monthly, weekly, and daily tasks using his monthly planners. It’s tough to describe how amazing this post is without having a look yourself. Charlie is simply an amazing writer. If you haven’t checked him out already, you should look at his blog. Trust me; this post will blow your mind!

5. My Most Helpful Post  – Become a Successful Demand Studios Writer

This was tough because I’ve already written so many posts here on Cash Campfire. I finally went with my Become a Successful Demand Studios Writer series because I just received so much great feedback from readers through emails and comments about how this series helped them. The best part was the emails from readers who said that this series helped them get their Demand Studios application accepted when it was rejected previously before.

If you’re an aspiring writer just stepping your foot into the door, I suggest that you check this series out.

6. A Post with a Title I’m Proud Of – How to Tackle Motivation Head On and Get Your Life Back

I liked a few blog post titles, but I think I like this one the most. By reading it, I get a mental image of someone jumping up and reaching out for a football with the letter “M” on it while everyone else is standing around in awe. I guess I like the word choice I used. The post received some good responses as well.

7. A Post I Wish More People Had Read  – Setting Up Your Dream Lifestyle: How to Prepare for the Life You Want

I know I linked to this post before, but I poured my heart and soul into writing it. However, it didn’t receive as many responses as I thought it would. But it would have been awesome to read the dreams and aspirations of other writers in the comment section. Well, that was the goal of the post anyway – to inspire you to reach your dreams and share your dreams with all of us so that others would be inspired as well.

How about You?

Want to join in the 7 Link Challenge too? It’s a great way to share with your blog readers who you are and the history behind your blog. If you’ve written a similar post, please share it in the comment section. I’d love to read what you come up with!

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A Trip Back in Time: My 7 Link Challenge